10 Best Quotes That Sum Up Amy & Penny’s Friendship

The Big Bang Theory is renowned for its clever comedy and supreme storylines, but it would not be the evergreen show that it is without the distinct characterization of its many personalities. Among the core group of friends are Amy and Penny, two women who could not be more different from each other yet who undoubtedly rub off on each other over the course of the series.

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Despite Amy and Penny’s main interests existing on opposite sides of the spectrum, the actress-turned-sales-woman and the neurobiologist have a beautiful and spirited friendship. There’s a lot of great dialogue between them that really nails their fun dynamic.


Penny Realizes Who Her Best Friend Is

“We Talk Every Day, We See Each Other All The Time, She’s Always There For Me, And Basically— Oh, My God. Amy’s My Best Friend.”

Amy and Penny at home for a sleepover on TBBT

While rambling to Leonard about how she wishes that Amy would choose her as her maid of honor, Penny comes to this realization for the first time. All the signs in their relationship point to best friends.

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For the first time in The Big Bang Theory, Penny seems to be just as surprised by how well she and Amy have taken to each other as the audience initially is. While it is funny that she has just become aware of this after spending so much time with Amy, her shock makes sense, as the duo’s relationship is unlikely and a bit jolting. Regardless, it is a sweet and authentic best friendship.

Planning Play Dates

“Your Kids Were Supposed To Be Friends With My Kids. Who’s Going To Be Friends With Them Now?”

Penny squishes Amy's face on TBBT

Amy is genuinely angry about the fact that Penny doesn’t plan on having children. When Penny asks why it is any of her business, this is Amy’s response.

Lots of best friends fantasize about their children playing together in the future, so this is a sweet way for Amy to convey how she sees Penny. However, there’s a little more substance to it. As Amy says later in the conversation, the combination of her DNA and Sheldon’s DNA may not yield a kid who is the best at making friends, so she has deeper reasons for relying on Penny’s kids as playmates to hers.

Amy’s Greeting

“Hi, Bestie.”

Amy Fowler Big Bang Theory

On multiple occasions, Amy greets Penny with this slight slang term, really driving in the fact for both Penny and the audience that Penny is Amy’s best friend.

Of course, hearing the word “bestie” from the previously formal and slightly stiff neuroscientist is a little bit offbeat, but it is also super endearing. “Hi, bestie,” coming from Amy is a perfectly packaged way to sum up the friendship between Amy and Penny that fans miss.

Unbridled Support

“I Could So See You Being The Face Of Hemorrhoids.”

Penny and amy spa day - tbbt

Penny rants to Amy about her lack of acting success in Los Angeles, saying that the only success she’s had in the last month has been a callback for a commercial hemorrhoids. Amy responds with this quote.

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In any other relationship, this line may seem to be a bit of a dig. Not everyone wants to be associated with hemorrhoids. However, in the case of this aspiring actress and her best friend, it is a marker of complete and total support. It also speaks to their mutual support of each other in all of their endeavors, no matter how ridiculous they are – And they have plenty of ridiculous endeavors.

Amy’s Character Growth

“Before I Met You, I Was A Mousey Wallflower. But Look At Me Now. I’m Like Some Kind Of Downtown Hipster Party Girl.”

Amy shows Penny her commissioned oil painting of them

With this proud quote, Amy tells Penny about how she has helped the neuroscientist come out of her shell and assume a more outgoing personality.

“Downtown-Hipster-Party-Girl” may not be the exact term that comes to mind when describing Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler post-Penny, but she is certainly no longer a “mousey wallflower,” either. All that matters is that she feels great. In fact, Penny helping Amy to blossom is part of what makes their friendship the best in season four.

Amy Marks Her Territory

“I’m Spreading My Scent To Mark My Territory.”

Big Bang Theory - Penny's apartment

One of the first things that Amy does when Penny takes her into her new office is actually what she says – She rubs her scent over all of her belongings.

When Penny claims that this method will not work, Amy counters with the fact that she did the same thing all over the actress’ apartment before they became best friends. Amy’s harmless possessiveness is very characteristic for their friendship, especially given her eccentric behavior that makes her Enneagram Type the Investigator.

Wedding Bells

“I Know This Is Your Wedding, And You Can Do Whatever You Want, But If You Think Anyone But Me Is Going To Be Your Maid Of Honor, Then You’re An Idiot.”

Amy and Penny hugging at home on TBBT

“… Because you are my best friend.” When Penny finally realizes that she and Amy are best friends, she waltzes into Amy’s apartment to demand that Amy makes her the maid of honor at her wedding.

When Penny says this quote, she is perfectly aware of the irony of calling her best friend an idiot when Amy is actually the smartest character on The Big Bang Theory. She proves this to Penny with her abundance of willingness to make her bestie her maid of honor, punctuating the decision with a giant, feel-good hug that perfectly sums up the love that the best friends have for each other.

That’s What Aunts Are For

“I’m Going To Be Their Fun Aunt Penny Who Gives Them Candy And Teaches Them Swear Words And Tells Them Stories About What A Weirdo Their Mother Is.”

When Amy finds out that Penny doesn’t want children, she’s upset that her kids won’t be around to play with Amy and Sheldon’s little ones. Penny insists that everything will be alright, as she will still be around to be Aunt Penny.

Penny really hits the nail on the head with her own characterization in this quote, as this is exactly the type of aunt that she would be to Amy’s kids. As a matter of fact, she might even be the type of aunt that the children would need to ensure that they grow up just as funny and down to earth as they will be genius.

Amy Cares About Penny’s Opinion

Penny: “Who Cares What I Think?” Amy: “I Do. You’re The Coolest, Prettiest, Best-Dressed Person In My Life.”

When Penny admits to not loving Amy’s wedding dress, Amy is offended that she didn’t tell her sooner. Penny insists that her opinion should not matter as long as Amy feels beautiful, but Amy does value her opinion.

Amy really has always put Penny on a pedestal for being the cool, fashionable friend that she never really had. So, it makes sense that she would deeply value her opinion for her wedding dress. She even showsers her in compliments after Penny offends her, which is characteristic for the neuroscientist who looks up to her cool friend.

Ubbi Dubbi

Amy: “Penny, Do You Remember When I Taught You Ubbi Dubbi?” Penny: “Ubabsubolubutubly Ubi Duboo.”

Penny serving Amy and Bernadette ice cream at home on TBBT

Ubbi Dubbi is the secret language that Amy teaches Penny which entails adding an “ub” before all of the vowel sounds in a word. The two whip it out when Leonard and Sheldon speak Klingon to avoid the girls understanding what they’re saying.

Every great pair of best friends has a secret language that they can pull out in dire situations, and Amy and Penny are no different. Using it against their significant others’ Klingon is a mark of their solidarity against the boys, a commonality amongst the friends when either Sheldon or Leonard does something to irritate the girls.

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