5 reliable phone insurance providers in the UK

Gone are the days of £100 mobile phones, built to last forever.

Today, we cough up top dollar — often close to £1,000 — for smartphones that have become more than just a communication device: they’re our lifelines.

Despite their importance and staggering price point, it doesn’t mean they’ll last. In fact, their value makes them more prone to theft than ever and, unfortunately, their host of features also make them more susceptible to damage.

But rather than worrying about what might happen should (heaven forbid) your prized possession fall out of your pocket, we have the answer: mobile phone insurance.

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Reliable phone insurance providers in the UK

Choosing an insurance provider is never an easy task. With so many options to consider, it’s hard to know when you’re getting a good deal — and how reliably you’ll be able to make a claim, should the time arise.

And that’s where these five providers come in; each offering affordable coverage options, they make light work of choosing your next mobile phone insurance plan.

Photo: Gadget Cover

As its name suggests, Gadget Cover is a leading provider of gadget insurance within the UK. Whether looking to insure your mobile phone, smartwatch, tablet, GoPro or other favorite techy device — they’ve probably got you covered.

Currently offering one of the most comprehensive phone insurance plans we’ve come across, the range of incidents their cover allows for is impressive. They even boast compensation for unauthorized use of your plan — offering up to £2,500. Talk about feeling secure in an insurer!

With three levels of cover available — Bronze, Silver and Gold — there’s a level of cover available to every kind of phone owner.

Only worried about accidental and liquid damage? Opt for Bronze coverstarting from just £4.38/month plus excess.

Concerned about damage, breakdowns and unauthorized calls? We suggest leveling up slightly and going for the Silver coverstarting from £4.81/month plus excess.

After the whole hog for total peace of mind? Gold cover is for you, covering everything from accidental and liquid damage to unauthorized usage, accessories, loss and theft. Costs for this plan start at approximately £5.99/month plus excess.

Full (Gold) cover includes

  • Accidental damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Breakdowns
  • Unauthorized usage
  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Accessories
  • Worldwide cover
  • Family cover
  • E-wallet cover

*The monthly cost of each level of insurance plan and excess fee differs based on the phone model in question. These prices are based on insuring an iPhone 12. Depending on your model, pricing may vary.

Person records a concert on their mobile device at night

Photo: John Mark Arnold/Unsplash

Partnered with Aviva (one of the UK’s biggest insurance firms) and Curry’s, Phone Care knows how painful it feels to be left without your trusty mobile device, so do all they can to ease the strain.

Featuring multiple levels of cover starting from just £2.99/month and £10 excess, Phone Care does its best to offer a next-day replacement service and a hassle-free claims experience.

They also offer up to a whopping £10,000 compensation for unauthorized usage so, should your phone be stolen, you can feel confident knowing you won’t be left accountable for any crazy charges.

Full cover includes

  • Damage
  • Breakdown (after your manufacturer’s or Phone Care warranty has expired)
  • Theft
  • Accidental loss
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Cover for accessories up to £300*
  • Unauthorized usage

Man holds mobile phone, looking at European city on his screen

Photo: Le Buzz/Unsplash

Available to customers when they purchase a Tesco phone or mobile plan, Tesco Mobile Protect offers two forms of mobile insurance cover: damage and full.

Damage cover: Feel confident that all scrapes, cracks, dents, chips and smashed screens that prevent phone usage will be covered with this plan, no matter where in the world they may occur. Pricing starts from £10/month, plus £85 excess.

Full cover: Experience the benefits of Damage cover, along with full compensation for loss and theft of your device. Pricing starts from £14/month, plus £85 excess.

While its insurance policies don’t cover damage or loss of many mobile accessories or any unauthorized usage, Tesco Protect is a reliable option that still boasts next-day phone replacement — a feature we see as crucial to any phone insurer!

Full cover includes

  • Chips, cracks, dents and smashed screens
  • Liquid damage
  • Malicious or pet damage
  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Worldwide

*The monthly cost of each level of insurance plan and excess fee differs based on the phone model in question. These prices are based on insuring an iPhone 12. Depending on your model, pricing may vary.

Girl checks phone amid fairy lights at nighttime

Photo: Vodafone

A leading brand in the world of communication, Vodafone is a tried and true option when it comes to providing insurance.

Like many providers, Vodafone offers a couple of options when it comes to choosing your coverage.

Damage or breakdown cover: From accidental drops and phone damage to water damage and accessories cover, Vodafone has your back. This plan starts from £8/month for iPhones and only £3/month for all others, with variable excess depending on the phone.

Full cover: In addition to any accidental damage, this option will cover you should your phone be lost or stolen. Costs start from £11/month for iPhones and £5/month for all others, with variable excess depending on the phone.

Full cover includes

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Water/liquid damage
  • Breakdown, outside of warranty period
  • Accessories up to £200
  • Worldwide
  • Next day replacement where applicable
  • AppleCare services where applicable

*You must have a mobile plan with Vodafone to be eligible for their mobile insurance cover.

Man smiles in sunglasses while looking at his iPhone

Photo: Daniela Araya/Unsplash

As one of the largest network providers in the UK, it’s no surprise that O2 has a comprehensive range of mobile phone insurance plans available.

With a deep understanding of the importance of having a working phone at all times, O2 Insure offers a fantastic next-day replacement or exchange service, so you’ll be back up and running in no time.

In addition to the above, O2 currently offers two levels of insurance:

Damage cover: Meaning any accidental bumps, scrapes or smashes will be taken care of. Starting at as little as £3/month, with an excess as small as £10, this is a great option for those wary of inflicting damage to their devices.

Full cover: This coverage provides all benefits of Damage cover, as well as any theft or loss of your device. Starting at £6/month and £10 excess, this plan will provide complete peace of mind, without breaking the bank.

Full cover includes

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Breakdown, outside of warranty period
  • Accessories up to £300
  • Worldwide
  • Next day replacement where applicable

*You must have a mobile plan with O2 to be eligible for their mobile insurance cover.

Does phone insurance cover a smashed screen?

As one of the most commonly claimed items, most providers do offer cover for unintentionally smashed screens. Most providers also cover loss, theft and other types of accidental damage.

As always, be sure to check the fine print for a full breakdown of what your insurance will cover, as well as any excess costs.

How soon after taking out insurance can I lodge a claim?

Theoretically, as soon as you are insured, you can make a claim. If you damage, lose or have your device stolen after you have taken out coverage, your insurer should accept your claim for repair or replacement. Be sure to check any terms and conditions surrounding this, as some providers may have a blackout period.

Can you get phone insurance on a contract phone?

Yes, you’re often offered device insurance at the time of signing a contract with your provider. If not, we suggest looking at some of the options above to ensure your most essential possession is protected at all times.

Is phone insurance worth the cost?

Given the staggering prices of many smartphones these days, and how reliant we have become on them — yes, we believe insuring your mobile device is a worthy investment.

For as little as a few pounds a week you can rest assured that any damage, loss or theft of your prized possession will be covered.

Get covered, quick!

With the knowledge that such affordable, flexible insurance plans are available — and that the price often drops depending on the type of phone you have — there’s really no reason not to insure your mobile device.

Thanks to the likes of Gadget Cover, Phone Care, Tesco, Vodafone and O2, for less than £10 a month, or £120 a year (on average), all the anxiety and stress of carrying around a £1,000 device is removed.

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Prices updated on 14/09/2022. We are not responsible for any changes made to the listed prices.

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