Alex Trebek interviews Monty Hall

Monty Hall was always ready to make a deal – especially if you were wearing an outrageous costume.

The late host of Let’s Make a Deal sat down with Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek for a wide-ranging interview as part of the documentary Game Changers, which premieres Oct. 20 on BUZZR.

In this exclusive sneak peek, Hall recalls how he got into hosting – because he failed at acting!

“When television started, I was thrilled to death because that was my medium,” he says. “I never had a great voice; I had to use personality. ”

Game Changers explores the 75-year history of game shows, hosts, and contestants. It also explores how the game show affected American culture, from racial diversity to feminism to sexuality. And the movie examines some of the scandals that have bedeviled the genre.

Let’s Make a Deal became famous for featuring contestants wearing elaborate, wacky costumes and holding interesting signs. It wasn’t always that way; as Hall explains, audience members wore regular suits and dresses until one woman came with a sign reading “Roses are red, violets are blue, I came here to deal with you.”

Hall chose her to play, and after that, “Everybody had a sign,” he notes. And soon after that, the costumes started up.

Game Changers premieres Friday, Oct. 20 on BUZZR.

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