ARM & HAMMER Laundry launches concentrated formula liquid detergents to accelerate sustainability efforts – Retail Times

ARM & HAMMER ™ Laundry, committed to employing sustainable practices when manufacturing laundry detergents whenever possible, is pleased to announce efforts that are expected to reduce plastic usage by approximately 7 million pounds and water usage by approximately 118,000 tons by 2024 with the launch of ARM & HAMMER ™ Liquid Laundry Detergent, Concentrated Formula.

Launched in 2022, ARM & HAMMER ™ Laundry’s concentrated liquid detergents are formulated with less water and smaller packaging, reducing plastic and water used per load. With 2X powerful stain fighters in every drop versus the leading bargain detergent, ARM & HAMMER ™ Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent requires a smaller dose per load than prior formulas, while still offering consumers the same cleaning power in every wash load today as before.

Additionally, smaller packaging with reduced overall transportation freight supports lower emissions, and the formulas being designed to work in cold water helps reduce the carbon footprint of the ARM and HAMMER ™ portfolio.

“As a leading household brand, we’re proud of the progress we have made towards improving the sustainability of our products and manufacturing practices,” said Laurie Kirschner, senior director of marketing, ARM & HAMMER ™. “Our recent efforts continue that momentum and we’re well on our path to making an even greater impact with our new concentrated formula liquid detergents.”

ARM & HAMMER ™ liquid laundry detergent containers are made with recycled materials and are recyclable. The company began using recycled paperboard for washing soda and baking soda boxes in 1907, long before recycling was a consumer habit or the norm in paper manufacturing — and that commitment continues today with its long-standing relationship with How2Recycle. The partnership aims to educate consumers on how to recycle ARM & HAMMER ™ Laundry packaging.

ARM & HAMMER ™ Laundry’s efforts to reduce the overall use of plastic and water builds upon its long-standing sustainability initiatives over the last several decades. Church & Dwight (the producer of ARM & HAMMER ™ laundry detergents) uses 100% certified renewable electricity at its plants to manufacture its laundry detergent formulas. As a Green-e® Certified Manufacturer, its plants produce ARM & HAMMER ™ laundry detergents using verified renewable electricity.

The Environmental Protection Agency recognized these efforts by naming the company to the Green Power Partnership Top 100.

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