Bentley Systems changes sustainability game with digital twin solutions

Rodrigo Fernandes (Bentley Systems)

Credit: Bentley Systems

Influenced by the “unprecedented transformation” required to achieve sustainable development goals, Bentley Systems is taking a lead role in helping reduce carbon emissions while making communities more resilient to the inevitable impacts of climate change. Bentley took home the Microsoft’s Asia Pacific Region Social Impact Recognition – Sustainability Changemaker in 2021.

While more than 70 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions come from infrastructure, at least 85 per cent of the global population – and the world’s infrastructure – have already been affected by climate change and extreme weather events.

Yet the 2030 milestones to achieve the Paris Agreement and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals targets are rapidly approaching.

“Our mission is to provide innovative software and services for enterprises and professionals who design, build and operate the world’s infrastructure, advancing the global economy and the environment for improved quality of life,” said Rodrigo Fernandes, director of ES (D) G ( Empowering Sustainable Development Goals) at Bentley.

Around the world, engineers, architects, constructors and owners / operators are using Bentley’s software solutions to accelerate project delivery and improve asset performance for infrastructure that sustains the world’s economy and environment.

“We are proud to empower their work, which is essential to the quality of life for everyone everywhere, and to sustain our economies and the environment,” Fernandes added.

For Fernandes, sustainable and resilient infrastructure is a “foundational and essential contributor” to reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“Our expertise in infrastructure is our greatest contribution to sustainable development,” he outlined. “We must build sustainable infrastructure and endeavor to be the best possible stewards of our environment.

“Understandably, we feel that our most significant impact is providing the technology and facilitating the sharing of best practices that empowers our users to advance infrastructure responsibly.”

Notably, Fernandes said such transformation is already underway with users sharing the vision that infrastructure digital twin solutions are “essential enablers and accelerators” in this journey.

“There are great projects from leading organizations that are already future-proofing infrastructure with digital twins,” he noted. “We advocate that infrastructure digital twin solutions and sustainable development go hand-in-hand.”

From a standpoint technology, all of Bentley’s digital twin solutions and services operate in Microsoft Azure, designed to “significantly enable and accelerate” decarbonisation and resilient pathways.

The provider offers specific solutions to support multiple industries and sectors, such as wind farms (OpenWindPower), smart water networks (WaterSight), city planning (OpenCities), digital construction (SYNCHRO) and efficient project management and collaboration (ProjectWise).


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