Best duvet covers 2022: Cotton, linen and bamboo bedding sets


othing compares to fresh sheets. Fact.

There are few things that make you feel like you have your life together more than a clean set of bed linen that you slip into after a long, stressful day and all your worries and cares melt away. In lustrous fabrics, they can transform any space into a luxurious haven – you just need the right ones.

When it comes to your duvet cover in particular, the market is awash with whimsical prints or relaxing designs, but where to start? This bedding staple can go a long way in setting the ambiance for your boudoir and enhancing your interiors.

You can use your bedsheets to inject bright accents into your space, mixing, matching or juxtaposing with deeper wall paints, or you can declutter the room by going refined and minimalistic. Neutral tones like white or cream offer a blank canvas where you can bring texture through curtains, rugs, ornaments or throws.

For the minimalists who prefer a serene sleep sanctuary, look to crisp, clean designs and materials like cotton or sateen, while if you’re looking for your sheets to bring personality into your space, opt for vibrant floral prints, bold checks or get creative with color. This will make your bed feel warm and inviting, especially when layered with decorative pillows.

The latest interior trends range from the maximalist haven of cottagecore, mid-century and a clash of patterns, to boho stylings with natural materials and pared-back palettes. No matter what suits your siesta space, we have the duvet covers to suit that you’ll look forward to coming home to.

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Bedfolk Linen Duvet Cover


Bedfolk put comfort at the forefront with cozy bedding made for lazy duvet days. While the brand offers relaxed cotton and luxe cotton, linen is the label’s signature in which they opt for a high quality construction, woven by expert makers in Northern Portugal.

This set is made of the finest Belgian and French flax and feels like you’re floating on a cloud as you slip beneath the sheets. While ensuring the ultimate in cozy factor, it is also hard-wearing and requires very little in the way of upkeep. The bedding is machine washable and is best when popped in the tumble drier for a few minutes. The fabric is also Oeko-Tex certified so you know it is entirely free from harmful chemicals and synthetics that could cause irritation.

It is available in seven hues – ochre, rust, ink, snow, clay, musk, rose, moss – and for a single, double, king and super king.

Anthropologie Pippa Duvet Cover


When you’re renting or you’ve opted for a pared-back palette for your home, the easiest way to inject a pop of color into your space is through your bedding – and Anthropologie has some of the most aspirational interiors on the market.

This set is adorned with a swirling floral design on a cozy cotton construction that will encourage sweet dreams as you doze. It’s machine washable.

MADE Linen Duvet Cover Caramel


Terracotta is big in the interior space right now with earthy tones, sandy shades and desert-inspired landscapes ruling the roost. The good news is, you don’t need to call in the decorators to tap into the trend. Invest in these natural hued sheets from MADE and you’ll be well on your way to achieving the 70s-evoking color palette.

The duvet cover is made entirely from linen, comes pre-washed to provide optimal softness levels and is available in 14 colors. You can shop in double, king, and super king sizes.

Liberty Libby Tana Lawn Cotton Single Duvet Cover Set


Whether set on a decorative pillow, a throw or on bedding, you really can’t ever go wrong with a Liberty print like this ditsy floral design. Maximalism has never been more sought-after in the world of interiors – and this is a pattern not suited to wallflowers. The design is part of the Country House collection and as such takes its inspiration from vintage decor with floral and botanical prints.

Make this the focal point of the room in a minimalistic setting or juxtapose with clashing prints and textures in your hard and soft furnishings to get you well on your way to nailing the cottagecore aesthetic.

It comes as part of a set that includes pillowcases too, all of which are made from a cool cotton fabric that is lightweight and sumptuously soft. There is a single, double, king and super king size available.

Extreme Ruffle Duvet Set With Reusable Fabric Bag

Urban Outfitters

Don’t underestimate the power of subtle design details like a simple ruffle trim. On this classic cotton duvet and pillow set, it makes for a fun, feminine and charming addition. The bedding comes in white, pink, blue and yellow and is a minimalist’s dream aesthetic.

Lean into the pared-back style and keep things clean and crisp or make the most of the blank canvas that this provides by setting alongside a carefully curated collection of ruffled lampshades, sculptural candles and textural throws.

John Lewis Gingham Single Duvet Cover Set

John Lewis

If your taste leans towards the more muted end of the color spectrum, an easy way to bring depth and intrigue into your space is through a classic print check. While it offers an interesting addition to your bedroom, it doesn’t feel overwhelming so you can still get creative with other parts of your room without worrying about feeling like you’re closing in the space.

The set is also crafted in a super soft cotton that is also breathable so you stay cool, calm and collected even in the summer months. The duvet cover comes in a single, double, king and super king sizes with the addition of one (for the single) or two (all the others) pillowcases included.

The White Company Savoy Bed Linen Collection

The White Company

The White Company’s reputation lives up to it and the bedding is up there with the best quality on the market, providing that five star hotel feel every single night that you lay your head on your pillow.

The Savoy is one of the bestselling ranges for the fresh, classic and elegant style where the only detailing comes from a single trim of stitched cord. This comes in white, silk, mink and navy that you can use to create cohesion in order parts of your room like with a feature wall, while also remaining neutral enough so that no clashes will occur. The sheets are crafted in 400 thread count Egyptian cotton that is crisp and soft to the touch and it comes in a single, double, king, super king or emperor size.

Assa Boho Tufted 100% Cotton Duvet Cover

La Redoute

For the serenity you need for uninterrupted slumber, look for cloud-like comfort and with this bedding set, you have that in spades as well as ensuring that your bedroom is a space for calm by opting for an all-white design.

The color may be neutral but the set is anything but boring thanks to the geometric Berber-style design. You can even mix and match it with other colors still offering the tufted finish or different designs entirely as its versatility means it can be paired with other patterns with ease. You can shop the duvet in a single, double, king or superking.

Bed Threads

Bed Thread

According to color experts, there has been a surge in the purchasing of yellow paint and that is likely due to the dopamine hit that the sunshine colorway provides. If you’re not quite brave enough to dedicate an entire wall to the shade, you can dabble in its joy-giving properties with this pastel-hued linen duvet cover from Bed Threads.

The sheets are made from a French flax linen, ideal for the transitional summer/winter period where the weather can be anything from a heatwave to torrential. The fabric is known for its temperature-regulating properties so you’ll remain at the optimal level of heat so as not to interrupt your deep, restful slumber.

Cloud Cream Seersucker Cotton Duvet Cover

Piglet in Bed

Sheets so good it will make getting out of them that much more difficult, this duvet set from Piglet in Bed will have you relishing your bedding-change day.

The brand offers a range of linen constructions as well as this unique seersucker bedding collection that has been achieved through weaving yarn in such a way as to create a plush, plucked effect. The crinkled texture makes for a cocoon-like feel and has been made with OEKO-Tex standard and Better Cotton approved materials.

It comes in a range of colors – the cloud cream pictured, sky blue and salt pink – as well as in a single, double, king size, or super king. The fabric is also OEKO-Tex Standard certified.

DUSK Knightsbridge Duvet Cover


Recreate the feeling of staying in a boutique hotel every night thanks to DUSK’s huge choice of luxe bedding. From pristine white to gray stripes and miniature pom-pom fringing, there are plenty of options for styling arguably the most important place in your home.

Trimmed with a smart navy border on delightfully soft white Egyptian cotton sateen with a 600 thread count, the Knightbridge duvet cover will envelop you in unsurpassed luxury. For those who prefer a less striking look, the border also comes in a subdued gray and barely detectable white.

Matching Oxford pillowcases are to be purchased separately.

Available in double, king and superking sizes.


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