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The Bighorn Archery Club is inviting archers from across BC to its Traditional 3D Archery Shoot this weekend.

Club president Allen Pickering said the event, slated to run June 25-26, is the first major shoot the club has been able to hold in two years. Pickering said in the past they have had up to 100 archers attend the event but this year the club is aiming for at least 60.

“It’s a shoot that’s well known in the province,” Pickering said, adding he hopes it encourages former members to sign up with the club again.

Registration for the shoot opens at 8 am Saturday and will cost $ 35 for the general public and $ 30 for club members. Contestants also have the option of a $ 25 lasagna dinner Saturday night, while a concession will be run throughout the shoot. There’s free dry camping available at the event site, at the 100 Mile Snowmobile Clubhouse at the end of Ainsworth Road.

The traditional shoot requires participants to use only traditional bows as they shoot at 20 targets scattered throughout the grounds. Pickering said each contestant will have two rounds to score as many points as they can during the weekend, which will wrap up Sunday morning with an awards ceremony in the afternoon.

On Saturday only, there will also be a Hunter Challenge Course, consisting of 15 targets. The buy-in for the competition is $ 5 per person with the resulting pot split between the club and the winning archer, who scores the most points during one round. Unlike the traditional course, Pickering said people will only earn points if their shots hit vital areas on the targets. Missing these areas will result in deductions, encouraging precision and discipline.

“You can choose not to shoot it if you do not think there’s a good chance of getting a score. It’s just a bit of a challenge course, which makes it a lot of fun, ”Pickering said.

The event will also include a bowbird machine, which shoots foam disks into the air that archers attempt to hit skeet shoot style. Pickering said the arrows competitors use will be specially fletched with large feathers to fly only a short distance.

For more info on the event, call Pickering at 250-609-1104.

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