Body Language Expert Explains King Charles’ Emotions During God Save The King

Jess Ponce III, body language expert, communication coach, and author of “AWESOME: 7 Keys to Unlock the Speaker Within” weighed in on how King Charles was likely feeling, as well as what was clear from the new king’s body language at his mother’s funeral. Ponce started by drawing attention to the importance of the song “God Save The King,” saying, “‘God Save Our King.’ Words unsung in decades, was undoubtedly a turning point in today’s funeral. It was an emotional moment for the UK, worldwide audiences, and King Charles III himself.”

As noted on The Royal Household website, “God Save The King” is the British national anthem, and it dates back to 1745. Of course, during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, the word “king” was replaced with “queen,” but the lyrics have now returned to their original form in honor of the new king.

While “God Save The King” was sung, Ponce describes the range of emotions that were clear through King Charles’ body language, telling The List, “While those around him sang, including his wife and sons, you could see both sadness and nervousness in his eyes. To be expected, this was a mixed experience for the King. On the one hand he was touched by the overwhelming love for his mother. While on the other hand, the song marked a new reality. He is now King. “

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