Brutal notes plastered on cars stir up Australian neighborhood drama

A neighborhood dispute has broken out in Sydney with people plastering a car with brutal notes over a parking issue.

A picture posted on a Facebook group covering Sydney’s northern suburbs of Narrabeen, North Narrabeen, Elanora and Ingleside has revealed how neighbors have banded together to call out the behavior of one of the residents on their street.

The first note on the car criticizes the neighbor for buying a car and trailer “solely to block others from parking at the right of your driveway” with the move labeled as “inconsiderate”.

“You have a double garage plus an empty car space,” the note goes on to read.

“This is public road with a shortage of parking. If everybody acted the same there would be nowhere to park.”

The first note on the car roasts the neighbor for buying a car and trailer.

Another neighbor joins in by posting their own note below with the capital letters “AGREED.”

“You try driving around looking for parking after a long day of work,” that note said.

It’s followed by a third post-it note backing up the angry neighbors.

“It would be great if we all work together as neighbors to make it easier for everyone to park close to their home,” it said.

But one cheeky neighbor had the last laugh by adding a hilarious take on the situation.

“Just here for the drama,” their note read aside a picture of a cup of tea.

It’s not the first neighborhood dispute to get fiery.

The note chaos took place in the suburbs of Sydney.
The note chaos took place in the suburbs of Sydney.
Fairfax Media via Getty Images

A feud broke out on the Central Coast after a fed-up local called out a new neighbor for being “w**ky.”

The new resident of a tight-knit NSW Central Coast community has managed to ruffle feathers with numerous unneighborly offences, including wasting “rate payers’ money”.

They were lambasted by an angry local on Sunday, who described a host of annoying quirks the new addition had brought to the area in just a few short weeks since arriving.

“As the Central Coast struggles to get potholes filled that are large enough to swim in or plant a tree in, here is a classic waste of rate payers’ money,” the furious local wrote on Facebook.

They claimed the man complained to the local council multiple times, almost immediately after moving in, about people “having the audacity” to park across the road from his house.


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