Car drives wrong way into traffic at Eastern Green, Penzance, Cornwall

This is the moment cars were forced to swerve out of the way as a confused driver found themselves heading into oncoming traffic this afternoon.

The photograph was taken on the dual lane section of Eastern Green, past Morrisons supermarket in Penzance.

Crystal Major posted it on Facebook with the caption: “Can’t drive down there my lover.”

It shows a red Citroen C3 heading into two lanes of oncoming traffic, having apparently taken the wrong ‘exit’ off the Chy An Mor roundabout.

Crystal, who saw it unfolding, added: “Silly season is upon us folks. PZ today.”

As cars hurried to swerve out of the way and avoid a collision, the driver of the Citroen – no doubt in quite a panic by now – eventually managed to stop and then carried out a three-point turn to face the right way, as the the rest of the traffic waited, said Crystal.

By coincidence, a police car can be seen in the background of the photo, on the other side of the road, heading in the correct direction. It is not known whether they became involved afterwards.

However, it is understood that – somewhat miraculously – there were no collisions as a result of the incident.

People responded to the photo on Facebook in disbelief, with one person simply stating: “Speechless.”

Others were a little more vocal, writing: “Good Lord! Needs her eyes tested.”

And another said it was an example of the state of the roads this August, saying: “The driving is worse than I’ve ever seen this year.”

Although one person did generously point out, with tongue firmly in cheek: “Maybe they might be going the right way and the other hundred people are going the wrong way?”

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