Car exhaust bangs that sound like fireworks happen every night

PEOPLE in Oxfordshire say their lives are being made a misery by loud car exhaust noises at night.

They say the firecracker noise is happening ‘night after night’ from cars ‘dangerously racing around’ roads in Didcot.

They say their dogs are terrified of the bangs.

Ronnie Barker told the Didcot Community Group that it is ‘boiling her blood’ and that something needs to be done.

She said: “What is it with the constant firecracker type of exhaust noise, night after night in Didcot, emanating from cars dangerously racing around our roads. It’s about as unsociable as it gets, yet nothing ever seems to be done about it. From Fleet Meadow the noise is incessant and downright blood boiling. It’s time something was done to eradicate Didcot of these hideous, feral individuals or groups or individuals creating such misery. ”

Wendy Rose replied, “We live on Abingdon Road and you’re right – it’s incessant and very annoying. The dog hates it too. And late at night I can hear them racing round somewhere – engines revving and tires squealing. ”

Phillipa Claridge says it sounds like ‘a load of fireworks’ going off at night in Sutton Courtenay and that her dog is terrified.

Hanna Ellen agreed saying: “It’s frustrating, we have the same in Wantage and my resuce dog is terrified.”

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