Care home’s plea to help Eileen ‘feel like a Queen’ on her 101st birthday

A Wirral care home is asking for 101 cards and is planning a royal afternoon tea party for a resident’s 101st birthday.

Carers at The Manor House Care Home in Upton want to give Eileen Dwyer, a royal fanatic, the chance to feel like the Queen for a day on her 101st birthday on April 28. They hope to give her as many cards as possible from the community .

They will surprise Eileen, other residents and her nephews Rupert and Edmund with a royal afternoon tea party featuring cakes, scones and finger sandwiches. They will even give her a sparkly crown to wear to make her feel the picture of royalty.

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The 101-year-old’s birthday present will be a personalized tea set with her favorite flowers lilies, roses and daffodils, inspired by Her Majesty’s commemorative teacup and saucer.

Eileen said: “I am very excited to be turning 101 years old. Last year I received a card from the Queen, which was so exciting, so I’m hoping this year is just as joyous.

“I’m sure my carers will be planning something lovely as they always make a big fuss when it’s someone’s birthday at The Manor.”

Eileen was born in Croydon in 1921. She grew up in Surrey and Brixton and became a bank teller at Westminster Bank.

She enjoyed spending time with nephews Rupert and Edmund with her late husband Basil. She moved into The Manor six years ago, where she enjoys reading about and watching the Royal Family in magazines and on TV and attending the flower arranging club.

Kathryn McDonald, home manager at The Manor House, said: “Eileen is really passionate about the Royal family, so for her 101st birthday we wanted to treat her like the Queen for the day. This is why we’re calling on the Wirral community to send in as many birthday cards as possible to reach 101 cards for 101 years and really make Eileen feel like royalty. ”

Anyone wishing to send Eileen a birthday card can post one to The Manor House, Moreton Road, Upton, Wirral CH49 4NZ.


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