College student who embarrassed Aaron Rodgers explains viral video

Everyone can agree that Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers is hard to beat, whether in the NFL or in a friendly contest. But one junior college student made the ultimate highlight after picking off Rodgers’ pass in a game of flag football during a recent fundraising event. The video went viral immediately.

Rodgers was not too happy with his blunder. Although it’s clear he was just being deliberately overdramatic. But the young player, Darius Maxwell, made sure he squeezed everything out of the memorable moment. In a report by, he explained why he playfully taunted the Packers icon.

“I’m from Florida so when we play 7-on-7, we hand the ball back, we punt the ball after an interception. We throw the ball to the other side. In that moment, I can’t tell you why I did it, I was just excited. ‘Here you go, thank you for the ball.’ ”

Maxwell is no slouch, as he plays for Saddleback College as a wide receiver and is set to transfer to Wheeling University, a Division II school. He said he actually knew what Rodgers’ team was going to do, something not many NFL teams can say regarding the Packers QB.

“They ran a bunch play, I was like ‘Watch the corner route, watch the out route, then watch the crossing route.’ I literally called it out. So I just backed up on the corner, came back to the pivot route then came back to the corner. I just knew it, I hid behind the receiver. I didn’t fully go to him, I just sat behind him a little bit, played him, just the IQ, just been playing football my whole life. ”

Perhaps the Packers need to keep an eye out for Maxwell when he finishes his college career.

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