Delays on Bolton Road, Bury, after two-car crash

Motorists are facing delays on a busy day in Bury this evening, Monday, after a two-car crash, leaving one smashing into a post and ripping it out of the pavement.

Firefighters were sent to Bolton Road, near the junction with Victoria Street, at around 3.30pm this afternoon following the smash.

During the collision, one car was forced off the road, causing it to hit a post and pulling it out of place.

One fire engine was called and no one was reported to have been injured.

Firefighters disconnected the car’s battery and laid out sand to stop car oil from spreading.

The types of vehicles involved in the crash have not been reported, but a picture at the scene showed a black car off the road being attended to by the fire service.

The road has been partially blocked and traffic has been building in the area.

A spokesperson from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue said: “Two cars were involved and one has forced another into street furniture.

“A post has been ripped out by the car on the side of the pavement on Bolton Road.

“One fire engine attended and no people were injured.

“Following the incident, we isolated the vehicle and disconnected the battery before putting special sand on the oil to stop it from spreading.”

Go North West have warned bus users to expect delays of up to eight minutes.

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