Directional care and indirect and direct cost containment at your fingertips

MD Anderson was chosen by client as they treat the highest number of cases and show the lowest estimated charges. The client has already saved up-front cost just by using the Care Finder, without sacrificing quality-all three hospitals in this comparison are at the very top of the US hospitals and specialize in this specific procedure (Clinical Category-Cancer Care / Kidney and Urinary Tumor procedures).

It should be noted that the cost illustrated above is limited to the procedure chosen. It does, however, represent the full cost of the member’s stay. A pre-negotiated rate of reimbursement can be established prior to services being rendered resulting in even higher savings.

Step three: having chosen the facility, the client can now choose the best surgeon for the procedure.

In this specific case, a physician specializing in urology and surgical oncology with 33 years of experience was chosen based on his success rate in this specific kidney procedure having conducted more than 170 successful surgeries.

Step four: concierge services such as transport, meet and greet at the airport, hotel arrangements for accompanying relatives and hospital admission are arranged by Penfield upon request of the client.

Step five: during admission, Penfield monitors the case in liaison with the hospital, payer and patient, ensuring the entire process goes as smoothly as possible.

Step six: upon discharge and being fit to fly, the member and family are now transported back to the UAE.

Step seven: upon discharge, the final invoice is received by Penfield, which now starts the second phase of cost containment by negotiating directly with the provider, which typically results in an additional average saving of 52 per cent of the presented invoice.

All saving deals are documented as ‘sign off’ deals, which in practical terms means no future hassle of any kind – ie, no legal battles etc.

Penfield also provides discounted prescribed medicine to the member in question, adding to overall savings. Our pharmacy network consists of over 60,000 pharmacies throughout the US. The network includes high-cost drugs.

Step eight: invoice is settled with Penfield.

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