Dog and kittens thrown from cars in Wexford in ‘heart-breaking’ animal cruelty cases

South East Animal Rescue (SEAR) has called on the public to surrender pets they no longer want after abandoned animals were discovered in three separate locations in Wexford last week.

n the evening of Monday, September 12, staff were called to Davidstown where they discovered a badly injured Chihuahua which, according to witnesses, appeared to have been thrown from a moving vehicle.

The dog, which was malnourished and infested with fleas, was taken to the vets where it received treatment for three days.

Although severely bruised, the dog, who has been named Nico, had no fractures and was described by veterinary staff as a “real fighter”. Having made a good recovery, Nico is now with one of SEAR’s fosterers. The bill for his treatment came to almost €500.

Furthermore, on the evening of Monday, September 19, SEAR received a call notifying them that three kittens had been thrown from a car just outside Enniscorthy. Sadly, two of the kittens, which had been in a cardboard box, died upon impact while the third escaped into the woods.

After searching throughout the night staff eventually caught the surviving kitten and it was taken to the vet where it received a clean bill of health. The kitten is now with fosterers. It has been vaccinated, flea and worm treated and is now ready for rehoming.

Finally, on September 20 a lady in Castlebridge contacted SEAR to inform them she had found two newborn puppies in a black plastic sack in the local cemetery.

The puppies were rescued and brought to the vet who estimated they were two-days-old. After being given a thorough health check the puppies were put on two-hourly feeds by fosterers but one of the puppies sadly died overnight.

Peter Myers of SEAR described the three events as “heart-breaking” and is asking anyone who witnesses these types of acts to report the perpetrators to the guards.

Additionally he has advised anyone who no longer wants their pet to “please surrender them. Do not dump them.”

“Our vet bills are getting higher by the day. Ireland needs to cop on about animal cruelty,” he said.

If you wish to help with SEAR’s vet’s bills you can make a donation via Paypal to [email protected]

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