Elden Ring players that picked up hacked underpants are getting banned

Elden Ring players can leave each other gifts in the game’s multiplayer component. Sometimes that’s a sweet piece of equipment or a powerful sword. Other times, however, it’s a pair of underwear that will get you banned.

The underpants in question are the infamous hacked drawers known as Deathbed Smalls. Basically, if you find a pair of fancy undies on the ground leave them there. Players that have tempted fate and picked them up are reporting that they’ve been “soft-banned” from Elden Ring. There are numerous warnings on the Elden Ring sub-Reddit, as spotted by Vice.

“After 220 hours, I pick up some underwear and it’s all over,” one player wrote.

Image: FromSoftware via Fighter PL on YouTube

Elden Ring, like FromSoftware’s other games, follows a general rule for wearables: If you see it on someone else, you can probably wear it, too, which leads to a massive fashion scene for fans. In Elden Ring in particular, players found that Fia – a lady you can hug in Elden Ring – is wearing a piece of fancy lingerie under her dress. FromSoftware, however, appeared to have cut the undies from the final version of Elden Ringopting only to get Fia’s Deathbed Dress and robe.

But that doesn’t mean the underpants are inaccessible. Horny players quickly figured out that they can be hacked into the game. Players have been trading and begging each other to drop the panties all over the Elden Ring sub-Reddit. Sometimes, it appears to be an accident: A player picks up random stuff dropped by outsiders, unknowingly grabbing them.

Now, some players are getting a warning: Delete the panties or get soft-banned. A soft-ban means a player can still use multiplayer, but are instead tossed into a “quarantine” queue with other soft-banned players. In messages to soft-banned players posted to Reddit, FromSoft said players must remove the item, sometimes deleting an entire save file, to prevent themselves from being suspended.

Fia’s underpants aren’t the only illegal item in Elden Ring, according to players. Bans have also reportedly been meted out for the “fetal position” gesture. Polygon has reached out to publisher Bandai Namco for added clarification.

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