Electric car-driver promotes change for the planet

COLORADO SPRINGS – A woman trekking across the country in an electrict car made a pit stop in Colorado Springs Sunday, she said, to give a voice to those working to protect the Earth.

Erika Gilsdorf said this is her first road trip in an electric car, and this one is sponsored by Volkswagen. Gilsdorf is charged with traveling across six different states, all while capturing stories of people driving change for the planet.

On Sunday, Gilsdorf stopped by “Who Gives a Scrap,” a store in Colorado Springs that preserves items from landfill and uses them for art projects.

From there, she went to Speedy Car Wash, which uses natural cleaning products and works to reduce water waste.

Gilsdorf said in just the past few years more and more charging stations have been put in place, so drivers who choose electric cars can travel farther than ever before.

It’s just a matter of planning ahead.

“EV driving is really fun and doable across state lines all over the place,” Gilsdorf said. “I’ve been through mountains and snow. I’ll be going across the desert – and it’s been really fun. It’s a fun way to travel and the apps and infrastructure has been very easy to use. “

Gilsdorf left Colorado Springs for Vail and will head to Utah after that.


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