Emilia Romagna GP weather: F1 set for first rain of new season

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The first three grands prix of F1’s new regulatory era were all graced with hot weather and barely a cloud in sight, never mind a drop of rain.

Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australia basked in high temperatures, even when the sun had set on the first two events given that the qualifying sessions and the races were staged under lights.

On F1’s return to Europe, however, with this weekend’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola, it appears certain wet weather will play a part at some stage.

Friday looks set to be the worst day, which means opening practice and the first of this year’s sprint qualifying sessions are poised to be run in the rain.

Across both Saturday and Sunday, there is a risk of showers mixed in amongst the bursts of sunshine.

Temperatures will also be markedly different compared to what the drivers enjoyed in the Middle East and Australia.

With rain on Friday, drivers can expect a chilly 15 degrees centigrade, whilst on Saturday and Sunday, the thermometer may nudge 20 if we are lucky.

Emilia Romagna Grand Prix weather forecast

Fridays: Rain starting early morning will persist throughout the day and into the early evening before finally easing off late at night.
Maximum temperature: 15 degrees
Chance of rain: 90%

Saturdays: A cloudy start will give way to sporadic sunshine and potential showers starting around lunchtime.
Maximum temperature: 19 degrees
Chance of rain: 40%

Sundays: The sun may burst during the morning before the threat of rain increases building up to the race start time.
Maximum temperature: 18 degrees
Chance of rain: 60%

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