Exclusive Cover Reveal: Jiu-Jitsu Girl by Jennifer Dutton

We are thrilled to be revealing the cover for Jennifer Dutton’s middle grade novel Jiu-Jitsu Girl!

Releasing on January 24th 2023, Jiu-Jitsu Girl is available to pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and pre-orders directly from Jolly Fish Press and North Star Editions currently have 30% off all Spring release pre-orders using code SPRING23 and free shipping when you spend over $100.

What’s more terrifying than being forced into a coed combat wrestling martial art by your own mother? Sixth grade.

Angie Larson hates Jiu-Jitsu. Like many twelve-year-old girls, she fails to find the glamor in a martial art that embraces zero personal space and choking as an end goal. Seriously, people choke her, drip sweat on her face, and even wrap their legs around her neck. It’s the worst. Instead, she idolizes the seemingly perfect kids at her school who do “normal” activities like dance or soccer. But just when it seems like Angie is about to be accepted by them, her mom enrolls her in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament and begins a relationship with the sweatiest coach on the planet. And to make things more complicated, Angie develops a close friendship with a boy who is definitely not part of the “cool” crowd.

Angie must decide who she is while making some painful decisions both on and off the mat. Is she a dancing girl, a soccer girl, a nothing girl. . . or a Jiu-Jitsu girl?

Here’s what Jennifer had to say on her cover!

“For the cover of Jiu-Jitsu Girl, the artist had the challenge of demonstrating the protagonist’s vulnerability while showcasing the fierceness of the sport and female athletes in general. The result was my favorite feature—the facial expressions on the sparring partners. The protagonist who is literally facing her potential destiny as a “Jiu-Jitsu Girl” head on and her sparring partner, who is totally determined and focused on executing her move. Another outstanding feature of the cover is the bold and impactful use of color, which was chosen to reflect the protagonist’s saucy personality.”

Jennifer Dutton is an author of middle grade fiction, a teacher, and a ninja. At the ripe old age of seven, she started selling original manuscripts instead of lemonade at a neighborhood stand. This tendency progressed to a writing career in the financial industry. In need of a dramatic career change, Jennifer earned a master’s degree in education and has since worked in a variety of elementary and middle grade classrooms where she has the privilege of being a keen observer of life experience. Her writing reflects the diversity and resilience she witnesses firsthand. After wrestling with kids during the day, she spars with adults at night. She is a black belt in taekwondo and a practitioner of mixed martial arts. She currently lives in Washington, DC, with her spectacular husband, wonderful children, and rascally dogs.

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