Getting ready for monsoon showers! Here’s why and how to manage your motor, travel, health risks

The onset of monsoons brings the much-needed relief from the scorching summer sun. Some of those who cherish the rains and the cloudy weather plan to go for a long drive while others plan taking the family on a vacation. Besides the fun moments, there are certain risks that the rainy days pose as far as one’s health, travel and driving are concerned.

To keep oneself protected on all fronts, it’s better to take adequate precaution in advance before the monsoon begins. Buying a health insurance plan, having the right motor insurance policy and being equipped with a travel insurance cover are the must-haves during the rainy days that will help you face the pangs of monsoon comfortably. Reliance Health Gain Insurance plans, with a host of new age features and customizable options, makes it the right choice to buy before the monsoons kick-in.

Health insurance policy

A health insurance policy with adequate coverage for self and family members will protect you against the rising medical bills. This monsoon be prepared with a health cover to meet any unforeseen hospitalization or OPD expenses without having to worry about hospital bills. Opt for a policy that not only covers the hospitalization costs but also restores the cover amount (sum insured) if you exhaust the entire amount in a single policy year.

Reliance Health Gain Insurance is a power packed, feature-rich health insurance policy that you can customize to meet your specific needs. The plan not only restores the coverage amount but also doubles the cover amount on the same claim.

Motor insurance

Holding a comprehensive bike or car insurance policy is what provides complete peace of mind before plying them on the road. Any damage to one’s own vehicle or other vehicle gets coverage if you have third-party and the own-damage insurance policy.

However, driving your bike or a car in the monsoons has its own share of concerns, which is why it’s important that you make the right choice of insurance this monsoon season. Reliance General Insurance motor insurance plans have all conceivable situations covered along with a host of add-on covers available.

Vehicles getting stuck on the roads in waterlogged conditions may lead to loss or damage to the engine due to hydrostatic lock (water entering the engine), which is a common problem during the season. Make sure you have the Engine Protection Cover, an add-on coverage, to recover the cost of engine repair in such a situation.

Also, strong winds often accompany rains and chances of trees falling and damaging your vehicle are high during monsoons. If there is a total loss, the Return to Invoice add-on ensures the market price of the vehicle is paid by the insurer and not just the IDV-insured’s declared value.

In case of accidents, during the monsoon or otherwise, the ‘Total Cover’ add-on ensures the entire IDV (for remaining years of registration) gets refunded by the insurer. If your bike or car gets damaged and requires repairs in a garage, there’s the EMI Protection Cover which ensures the EMI payments are on time to the lender.

And have you ever wondered what happens if your vehicle gets damaged requiring a few days of repair-work in a garage? Not to worry as there’s Daily Allowance Benefit feature that provides cash to either travel back home or get accommodation in a hotel nearby.

The worth of these and other optional add-ons, which you get with Reliance General Insurance motor insurance plans, are priceless as they provide a 360-degree protection, more so during the monsoons.

Travel Insurance

If you are waiting for the monsoon to go on a solo trip or enjoying a holiday with your family, make sure you have the travel insurance policy with you. Chances of a flight getting delayed or canceled or losing one’s luggage or passport are higher whether it’s a short or a long trip. Also, to get that adrenaline rush, you may opt for adventure sport activities such as Kayaking, rafting or trekking when traveling. Reliance General Insurance Travel Insurance plan offers a variety of options that you can customize based on your travel need to negate all possible risks that you could encounter while traveling.

Umbrella of insurance Covers

This monsoon, make sure you are well protected with health, motor and travel insurance plans from Reliance General Insurance to avoid spending from your own pocket or dipping into your savings, and enjoy the upcoming monsoons to the maximum!


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