Gray’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo Reveals Her Awkward Reservation About Supporting Former Co-Star Jesse Williams On Broadway

Lots of actors have come and gone over Gray’s Anatomy‘s 18 seasons so far, but obviously a lot of the relationships formed during their time on the show remain. It’s always nice to see former co-stars supporting each other in their subsequent projects, and Ellen Pompeo seemed really excited to do just that as Jesse Williams – who played Jackson Avery for 12 seasons on ABC’s hit medical show – prepared to make his Broadway debut. There was just one thing holding her back, and it sounds pretty awkward!

Jesse Williams made his Broadway debut in Take Me Out on April 4, and after rave reviews, the production was extended to run through June 11. In the Richard Greenberg play, Williams plays Darren Lemming, a professional baseball player who comes out as gay. During the episode of her podcast Tell Me that aired April 13, Gray’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo told comedian Ms. Pat that she and fellow Gray’s executive producer Debbie Allen were looking forward to supporting their former co-star. There was just one detail that gave Pompeo pause:

He’s getting ready to do a show on Broadway called Take Me Out. He has to be naked on stage in that play, and Debbie and I was just talking about it, going to New York to see him when it opens, and I said, ‘I can’t see Jesse naked on stage.’ … I have to go support my friend. And you know Debbie, that’s like her son, right? On our show, he does play her son. And I was like, ‘What are we gonna do? How are we gonna go see this show? ‘ Because you want good seats, but you want to be up close, but if he’s gonna be naked on stage, we don’t want to be up close. So, you know, we have a real situation to figure out.

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