Houses searched after garda car rammed in Dublin

Gardaí investigating the ramming of a patrol car in Cherry Orchard on Monday night have searched six homes in west Dublin.

The two gardaí in the car subsequently reported unfit for duty. The GRA said today they are still trying “to process the traumatic events” and are off duty “on medical advice”.

Gardaí said today’s operation was focused on evidence gathering and that they have seized electronic devices, including phones.

Gardaí from Ballyfermot believe the devices contain footage of the incident.

They also believe they have identified six suspects directly involved in the incident. Four of them were in one of the cars, the remaining two in the others.

They are in their mid-teens to their early 20s, who were in three stolen cars involved in the incident.

Detectives are targeting those who were in the cars, along with some of the large group of onlookers who were at the scene and subsequently posted material online.

They are also investigating if footage is available of the people in the cars which was not posted online.

No arrests have been made.

Two female gardaí were in the car when it was rammed and garda headquarters said today that while they did not report injuries at the time, but have subsequently reported unfit for duty.

It also said they are receiving support from their colleagues and local garda management and the wider organizational supports of the peer support service, chief medical officer and a 24-hour counseling service have been provided if required.

The Garda Representative Association said today that both have now been medically assessed by their GPs and are now off duty due to medical advice and trying to process traumatic events.

One said: “I’m alive, that’s the main thing. It was daunting to see a mob baying for our car to be rammed.”

The GRA has also said that Ballyfermot Garda Station has been closed for the detention of prisoners since March 2020, 15 gardaí have resigned from the district in the past two-and-a-half years and that it is now under pressure on the frontline.

“No area can sustain this level of loss without serious repercussions for policing on the ground,” the GRA says.

Gardaí in west Dublin have for the past six months been conducting an investigation into the theft of Japanese imported cars in the area, which are then being driven erratically and dangerously before being burned out.

Seven people have been arrested and charged in connection with these incidents, three of whom have since been remanded in custody for breach of bail conditions.

Gardaí have also asked owners of these cars – which are vulnerable to theft – to secure them with a hook lock or lock and chain.

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