How to check and replace the air filter in your car: A step-by-step guide

An air filter is a crucial component of a car that should be checked and cleaned in a regular interval.

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01 Aug 2022, 12:24 PM

Air filter makes sure the engine remains dirt free.

While we tend to take care of our car’s exterior and cabin, many components of our car that play a crucial role in the wholesome functioning of the vehicle remain neglected. One such is the air filter. Positioned under the bonnet and in the engine compartment, this is a critical component meant for filtering the air that is going to the engine for combustion.

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After a long time of use, the air filter may get clogged, which results in various problems. These include a hard-to-start engine, reduced engine power, poor acceleration, increased fuel consumption, black smoke at the tailpipe, increased emission etc. A clogged air filter may also result in misfires, buildup around internal engine components, damage to internal components, oil and compression leaks etc.

Here are the steps to guide you on how to check and replace the air filter of your car.

Locate the filter housing

Open the hood and locate the filter or air cleaner assembly. On older vehicles, they are usually round or oval-shaped meta cases at the top and back of the engine compartment, while in new vehicles they are usually black plastic squarish or rectangular box-shaped.

Remove lid and take out the filter

Remove the lid off the air filter housing by unscrewing the wing nuts or flipping the spring clips at the side of the assembly. Lift off the cover. Now take out the filter from its housing.

Check and clean

Check the housing and connecting duct or hoses for damages like cracks or burn or wears and tears. If any such damage is there, replace that. To clean the area, use a small car vacuum cleaner. Make sure to do it carefully to avoid any damage to plastic components that may result in an air leak.

Replace if necessary

If the air filter is too dirty and beyond cleaning, it is time to replace it and give the car a new clean filter. To do that after cleaning the area using a vacuum cleaner, install a new filter properly in the housing and replace the lid. Then close the bonnet.

How to check and replace air filter in a car

Step 1:

Locate the filter housing

Step 2:

Remove lid and take out the filter

Step 4:

Replace if necessary

First Published Date: 01 Aug 2022, 12:24 PM IST


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