How to ensure driver safety in Latin America

Improving road conditions, increasing vehicle safety standards, promoting driver training, and implementing telematics are the main keys to ensuring fleet driver safety in Latin America.

While the first depends highly on government initiatives, increasing vehicle safety standards depends on the automakers themselves and implementing telematics and promoting driver training leans on the will of corporations and their fleet management policies.

The latter three will be among the topics of discussion at the next Fleet LatAm Conference taking place on 26 April (2022). The afternoon session is entitled “How attention to safety benefits your fleet and cost efficiency.”

When it comes to driver safety training, remember that it is not a one-shot deal but rather a continuous process which must be reinforced periodically.

Successful driver safety trainings are those that not only reduce the number of accidents and incidents on roads, but those that also reduce insurance premiums, motivate employees, and establish an improved safety culture for your company across the board.

Among the afternoon speakers at the conference is Estrella Bonales (pictured left) who is customer success and business development leader in Latin America for eDriving. In her session, she will address which driver safety programs fit best for your company and its drivers.

In terms of driver training, courses aimed at optimizing driver behavior to reduce the incidents of accidents and even vehicle or cargo theft are of utmost importance in the region. Although behind the wheel courses are very beneficial, offering online courses could be ideal for larger fleets or maybe a mixture of both.

Besides Ms. Bonales, among the experts slated to give presentations on fleet safety during the afternoon session of the conference is Jaime Bringas (pictured right) who is EHS manager for Philip Morris International and president of Mexico’s automobile fleet management association Amafa.

Mr. Bringas will explain how fleets with a strong safety approach supported by innovative and connected technology can support in delivering great efficiency.

Nearly 20 experts across Latin America will be presenting at the event. Besides the aforementioned speakers, representatives from Anheuser Busch Inbev, Geotab, and Lytx will also be presenting in the afternoon. See the full speaker lineup here.


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