How to translate your Instagram DMs into your preferred language

Instagram, one of the most widely used social media platforms, is working on making communication simpler for everyone on the platform and has introduced a new translation feature. This feature is gone Instagram direct messages (DMs) may improve communication between brand owners and their customers. With this feature, messages will be translated into your preferred language.

Instagram said on their support page that when someone sends a message to or from a business or creator account on Instagram Direct, they can choose whether it’s automatically translated for the viewer. Messages are translated by the app using an automated process in the chat that’s carried out after the viewer has seen the message. You can enable the feature by just toggling on the translation settings for your Instagram DMs. Here are the steps.

Toggling on translation for Instagram messages


Open the Instagram chat for which you want to translate your messages.


Go to chat settings by tapping on your message thread available on the top of the chat box.


Under the “More actions” tab, tap to toggle on the “Translate messages” settings.


Messages will be translated into your preferred language.

Incoming messages will be displayed automatically in your preferred language after you turn on the setting. However, the text will still be available in its original language if you choose to tap ‘See original’ under their message. If you enable or disable translations, the sender will not receive a notification.



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