I made a fake online profile and flirted with my kid so she’d meet me IRL – I taught her a lesson but some say I’m toxic

ALLOWING your child to join social media is an anxious milestone for most parents.

But one mom went to extreme lengths to “test” her daughter by posing as a teen boy online – and was left reeling by her girl’s response.


Mom Laci Wilson admitted to making a fake profile to trick her daughterCredit: TikTok
Though her daughter’s trust was broken, Wilson said their relationship is repaired


Though her daughter’s trust was broken, Wilson said their relationship is repairedCredit: TikTok

Laci Wilson’s daughter was 14 when she left the house to meet up with a boy who had just moved to the neighborhood. But there was no boy.

“I made a fake profile pretending to be a teenage boy to see if my daughter had listened to me after I finally decided to let her have social media,” Wilson explained on TikTok.

“She hadn’t. So, I got her to meet up with me at the park and I snuck up behind her and grabbed her to show her how easily she could’ve been kidnapped.

Then, professionals intervened and drove the message home.

“She screamed so loud a neighbor called the police so she got lectured by them too,” Wilson wrote.

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Commenters were shocked to hear that Wilson would break her daughter’s trust, and several called her actions “toxic” and “traumatizing.”

“This is super toxic,” one commenter wrote. “Parents will do this and then wonder why their kids don’t trust them.”

“I would never trust my mother again and would resent her if she did this,” another viewer said.

While some commenters were hung up on Wilson’s idea of ​​”flirting” with her own child, she made it clear that her conversations were never romantic or sexual.

Actually, the brief conversations she had with her daughter were short and impersonal enough that the teen’s readiness to meet up was even more worrisome.

“The perception that I carried on a romantic relationship with my daughter is wrong and disgusting and disturbing,” Wilson clarified in a follow-up video.

Wilson created a profile, and as her “new in town” teen persona, chatted for only two days before her daughter agreed to meet up.

To make the conversation realistic, Wilson gave landmarks to indicate where the boy “lived” and created a sense of trust.

After their meeting, Wilson’s daughter was furious with her for the breach of trust, but several commenters said that Wilson was right to drive her message home.

“Children will do what they want no matter how well you parent. The lesson seems like a good one to me,” one viewer reasoned.

“My Mimi did this when I was little with food or candy from strangers,” another commenter remembered.

Her grandmother “snatched” her up in seconds, but the woman said she’s well-adjusted now.

“I have no trauma, better aware of my surroundings,” she added.

Wilson’s daughter is now 16, and before she meets up with anyone new, she tells her mom first.

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“It did ruin trust for a while, but because of open communication we built that back as best as I can with a teenager,” Wilson explained.

“We do have a really open and honest relationship. For the most part, she knows that she can come to me,” she added.

Some parents defended Wilson's actions while others criticized her


Some parents defended Wilson’s actions while others criticized herCredit: TikTok

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