I’m a single mom living with my two kids in a micro-studio – we all sleep in the same bed

NO one likes to feel cramped in their homes.

Oftentimes, tight quarters cause fights between roommates or family members and leave people feeling like they have no privacy.


A mom-of-two revealed the small quarters she shares with her childrenCredit: TikTok / jamacdickerson
The three of them sleep together on a king-sized bed


The three of them sleep together on a king-sized bedCredit: TikTok / jamacdickerson

One single mom named Jamace Dickerson, however, is making her small space work well.

Posting to her TikTok account @jamacdickerson, she revealed the “micro-studio” that she shares with her two children — and it actually looks pretty functional.

In the video tour, she started by showing the entry way, which includes a shoe shelf and kitchen appliances like a mini fridge and a microwave.

The small bathroom is situated next to the entryway, with a full shower and sink set up.

Right past the entry way, still in the same hall, is the “bedroom.”

“I put two storage cube units together to create my dresser with the moon and star inserts, and all of our clothes fits in there.”

The makeshift dresser included 18 cubbies for their clothing, and a TV sat atop it.

Across from the storage cabinet, she revealed the king-sized bed that all three family members sleep on together.

On the side of the bed was a small closet for hanging clothes.

Next, she revealed a hidden space:

“My kids have their own area underneath the bed, which I call ‘the fort.'”

Tucked under the ultra-raised bed was a cozy little space for children to play, complete with a rug and shelving along the sides.

“It has their toys and their books and stuff.”

Viewers were amazed at how functional she made the tiny space:

“You’ve done a great job !!! I do not think I could have been so creative, ”one person wrote.

“People get praised & say it’s cute when it’s a tiny home or an RV with kids. Why not a small apartment? You’re providing & that’s all that matters, ”added another.

Underneath the bed is a sort of cave for children to play in


Underneath the bed is a sort of cave for children to play inCredit: TikTok / jamacdickerson

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