Insurance Taskmaster Episode Three: Dealing with the aftermath of The Great Storm [1987]

Insurance Post has teamed up with Verisk for a new video show, in which we tasked six industry rising stars to solve some of the biggest historical challenges faced by the market over the past two centuries.

For the third episode the contestants are literally caught up in a storm, more accurately the Great Storm of 1987.

On the afternoon of Monday 15 October BBC weatherman Michael Fish went on national TV to tell the UK not to worry amid concerns a devastating storm was heading our way.

However, that night many parts of the country were battered by winds reaching speeds of 115 mph, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Which is where our Insurance Taskmaster contestants come in. Today the teams need to appease their gnarly, grizzled boss by devising a surge plan for the unprecedented volume of claims heading his way. Conscious of the fact this is 1987 and most of the information they need is stored in filing cabinets on the 4Th floor of the office.

With just an hour to work out what to do and the clock ticking:

  • Who will weather the early pressure to come up with the best plan?
  • Who will be a [Michael] fish out of water and struggle to get a grip with what to do?
  • And who will convince their claims manager that his bonus might not necessarily go the same way as his roof – and be blown away?


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