Kangana Ranaut reacts to Zeeshan threatening, hitting Azma Fallah on Lock Upp | Web Series

Lock Upp host Kangana Ranaut has said violence against women in completely unacceptable. It happened after Zeeshan Khan threatened Azma Fallah with violence and even hit her in the eye.

Lock Upp host Kangana Ranaut has reacted to an incident on the show where Zeeshan Khan threatened Azma Fallah with violence and even hit her in the eye. After punishing Zeeshan on the show and making her apologize to Azma, Kangana took to her Instagram account to say that violence is never acceptable. Also Read | Lock Upp: Zeeshan Khan makes violent threats to Azma Fallah; says, ‘I’ll hold her jaw and tear her apart’

Kangana Ranaut wrote on Instagram Stories on Monday, “I have noted the incident between Zeeshan Khan & Azma Fallah in Lock Upp that happened yesterday and I strongly believe that any kind of violence against women is completely unacceptable.” She further wrote, “Do you agree or not?” adding a poll that asked voters to choose between yes or no.

Kangana Ranaut spoke about the violence on her Instagram account.

Zeeshan had previously said that he would break Azma’s jaw and tear her apart after she told him that his parents must have died out of shame due to his actions. In the latest episode, he once again threatened her with physical violence and told her that he would break her mouth with a hammer after she made some comment about his girlfriend Reyhna.

Later, Azma emptied his bag of protein powder, after which Zeeshan pushed her, as Payal Rohatgi came between them and told him not to hit her. He later threw the rest of the protein powder on her head. Azma came back after washing her hair and told Zeeshan that he can’t dare to touch her, at which point he warned her that he will. He snatched the broom in her hands and moved it towards her, hitting her in the eye.

He also snatched the towel that she had wrapped in her hair, before throwing protein powder on her head again. Azma could be seen in tears as the other contestants tried to control Zeeshan. He also pushed Kaaranvir Bohra during a task. As a punishment for his actions, Zeeshan was told to either apologize to Azma or to leave the show. To apologize, he had to crouch 50 times and say to Azma that he would never do such violence to her or any other girl. He chose to apologize.

Lock Upp streams on Alt Balaji and MX Player all seven days and Kangana Ranaut’s Judgment Day episodes stream on weekends. Prince Narula recently entered the show as a troublemaker.

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