Kevin Bacon’s advice to dancer Derek Hough: ‘You’re enough, Hough’

Rhythm was in the air on Sunday’s Step Into the Movies With Derek and Julianne Hough. The sibling dancers recreated some of the most iconic dance moments from movies. Despite being featured on Dancing With the Stars, and being regarded as a phenomenal dancer, Derek needed a pick-me-up from another famous hoofer.

Kevin Bacon’s breakout role in Footloose was more than an acting achievement, it was also a wonderfully choreographed dancing achievement. With Kenny Loggins laying down the title track, Bacon (along with his dancing double) was a whirling dervish as he stepped around an industrial space. And that experience was on display as he offered Derek advice.

“OK, listen up; you’re enough, Hough, ”Bacon said. “I love you, man. Now, stop with the angsty dancing and get back to work, will you? ”

The advice from the Footloose star paid off, as Derek journeyed to the Moulin Rougetested positive for Saturday Night Fever with Jenna Dewan, and even did a little Dirty Dancing with Charli D’Amelio.

Fans appreciated that Bacon inspired Hough with his message, and they also appreciated that Hough crushed his performances.

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