Local car wash chain plans new Ithaca site

ITHACA, NY—Whether you drive gas or electric, a truck or a compact, there’s a desire to keep one’s car clean. Given New York State’s love of salt, as well as the ubiquitous dust and pollen, regular washing helps remove corrosive grime, protects the paint finish, and prolongs the life of a vehicle. Plus, a lot of people take pride in that just-washed paint shine, even in famously cloudy upstate New York.

Maybe it’s with this in mind and our convenience-driven lifestyles that a local car wash chain has decided to expand its presence. Squeaky Clean Car Wash has set its sights on a fifth location in the city of Ithaca, at 501-507 South Meadow Street.

Squeaky Clean, founded in 1997 and led by Lansing businessman Gary Sloan, currently operates two locations in Tompkins County, one on the southern end of Ithaca city and one in the village of Lansing, and two more locations in Cortland County, one of which was built just a couple years ago.

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