Lose Weight To The Rhythm Of Latin Pop With This ‘Tranqui Cardio’

“It’s like you’re on a little train and you’re dancing,” said Christiane Alesi, comparing pop latino With a real party. Because the purpose of this choreographic class is twofold and everyone will put it in their preferred order: have fun and lose weight.

Let’s start with the most entertaining part. In the video hey bugle, we hear him sing, we see him dance while he invites us to follow the rhythm of the music. “Let go, loosen up,” encourages those who dare to move their hips.

For the second purpose, to lose weight, how many calories we can lose will depend on the intensity that we put into the exercise. the key is in move forward eagerly,

dancing how to lose weight

“If you’re walking and you’re stepping over eggs so as not to break them, your intensity is one thing. But if you’re walking and you’re stepping on cockroaches because they bother you, that’s one thing.” It’s another intensity,” Alessi exemplifies.

esa intensity difference This is what will lead us to burn more or less calories, which is usually 450 to 500 per square.

“If you do it slowly and over the top, you’re going to burn fewer calories than if you do it intensely, with desire and presence: ‘I am here and I have come to dance everything’. That’s all,” Alessi says.

In Latin pop, the music begins and ends on the hour. Photo Luciano Thieburger.

The professor defines Latin pop as “cool cardio“And it ensures that you don’t need to raise your heart rate too much for the training to be effective.

“Many people believe that being tired burns more calories. that’s a lieWhat it does is improve maximum oxygen uptake, But it doesn’t burn calories because there’s another energy system at work, not just the glycogen reservoir that’s in the muscle walls”, explains Alesi.

What is Latin Pop?

latin pop is a choreography activityIt is not like other tracked movements – where each song has “small steps”, as in Zumba – but the music starts and ends in time.

“It’s all a CD that’s hooked. Or as we teachers call it, ‘Square’. It allows us to be in activity all the timeAlesi says

To achieve this liquidity we need to maintain one step, which is march stage, “It’s as if you were walking, but instead of moving, you do it on the spot. It’s neither more nor less,” explains Koch.

According to Alessi, Latin pop is the equivalent of brisk walking. Photo Luciano Thieburger.

Starting with this movement of March separately step – front, sides and “cha cha cha”, among others – which generate a choreography throughout the hour.

When asked whether Latin pop is comparable to other types of “cardio” exercises—such as running—Alesi replied that all activities are comparable, but they activate the system. physical and metabolic differently.

In the video they put together bugleThe teacher has been introducing many subjects with varying intensity, but always with fun as the central axis.

,pop latino This is equivalent to a brisk walking activity. Buxom Combat Fitness is like running. And the Festa Dance program is like riding a bicycle in the middle”, details which also feature these methods on their network (on Instagram, @crisalesi).

benefits of dancing

dance is one great aerobic exerciseAccording to reports from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) in the United States, it can help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, lower blood pressure and control body weight.

this too friend of our mindA study conducted among people older than 65 and published in the Archives of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) suggests performing “complex movements such as dance choreography” to improve cognitive function.

A Latin pop class burns 450 to 500 calories. Photo Luciano Thieburger.

A Latin pop class burns 450 to 500 calories. Photo Luciano Thieburger.

“The brain constantly reacts differently sensory stimulationTherefore, adding extra stimulation to your exercise program can engage other areas of the brain as you move,” the authors say.

At a greater fitness level, a study published by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) examined whether Zumba, in addition to being fun, is a good workout. It concluded that participating in a singles class burns an average of 369 calories.

“If we look at a heart rate monitor it looks like this: interval training,” said lead author Marie Luetgen. And she explained that, since it fluctuates between high and low intensity, Zumba burns more calories than continuous exercise such as jogging.


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