Love Island bombshells win over Islanders with manipulate body language, says expert

Series 8 of Love Island has been heating up nicely this week, with plenty of drama and flirty dates from the sexy line-up.

But while the established Day 1 Islanders have been sitting back and waiting for connections to form, it’s been up to the jaw-dropping bombshells to get grafting to bag their very own bed spot.

As with every series, bombshells like Jay Younger, Remi Lambert and Danica Taylor have to get to work as soon as they arrive.

Jay and Remi stirred up trouble immediately upon their entrance, attracting the attention of four girls in the villa, including Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu – who entered as a bombshell herself –Indiyah Polack, Paige Thorne and Amber Beckford, who has since been dumped along with Remi.

Body language expert Darren Stanton – speaking on behalf of Slingo – shares the unusual ways the bombshells win over an Islander and secure their place on the show.

He reveals five ways to get someone to like you using body language.

How bombshells attract an Islander

Love Island bombshells are great winning over Islanders and securing their place in the show

Here are five ways using which bombshells can attract an Islander in the villa:

Reciprocal liking

Darren explains that building rapport and trust with the person you like is vital. This helps with the psychological phenomenon of ‘reciprocal liking’, which is the tendency of people to like whoever expressed a liking for them.

This means that if any of the Love Island bombshells have a true intention of meeting the love of their lives on the show, then their natural attributes and qualities will come through and attract Islanders.

However, this means that if the intention is to play mind games, then this is likely to leak out during the course of the show as well.

Matching and mirroring

Love Island
Mirroring each other movements is an unconscious sign that two people are romantically interested in each other

Matching and mirroring means that when talking to the person you like, you match their posture or mannerisms, including sitting similar to how they are.

This in turn unconsciously builds a bridge between both parties where they will feel safe and secure in your presence.

Bombshells might test if they are getting on well with someone by subtly changing their posture, and if the other person adopts a similar style to you, this means they are being unconsciously influenced, building an even deeper rapport and trust.

Prolonged eye contact

Eye contact with someone like work colleagues or others you interact with on a daily basis typically lasts only between three to five seconds.

Prolonged eye contact lasts beyond five seconds is important when it comes to letting someone know you’re romantically interested in them.

Darren explains that it’s been proven that extending your gaze into another person’s eyes for over five seconds can unconsciously tell someone that you like them very much and that you want to be romantically involved with them.

Asserting dominance

Remi telling Luca to keep quiet
Certain movements like placing hands on the hips helps people assert dominance in the Love Island villa

Love Island bombshells are absolutely confident in themselves and, according to Darren, this confidence is key – especially in an environment like the Love Island villa where you want to appear more confident and more powerful than your competitors.

He explains that mannerisms like putting your hands on your hips allows your body to occupy more space and asserts your dominance when needed.


Self-disclosure is the act of sharing things about yourself that could be quite personal.

This helps build trust and rapport, encouraging the other person to also open with more personal information about themselves, further deepen trust.

Once this solid rapport is built, the chances for reciprocal liking and a relationship developing is much higher.

* Love Island continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV2


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