Mercedes should “keep open mind” over car concept

In the round-up: George Russell says Mercedes’ recent improvement in performance does not end the debate over their car philosophy.

In brief

Mercedes should “stick to the process” – Russell

Russell said Mercedes need to “keep an open mind” over whether to stick with their current car philosophy, including its unique narrow sidepods, following their successful run of results.

“I don’t think changing car concept is going to make us go any faster, maybe the contrary to be honest,” he said. “Sometimes you’ve just got to stick to the process and keep on pushing.

“That’s difficult to do when you’re off the pace and things don’t seem to be going your way. But personally, I believe in every single person within our team and I think we’re making huge progress for the time being.”

He said the team’s performance in qualifying and the race in Spain shows how far they have come.

“At the start of the season we were finishing races a minute behind first position. The last two races we’ve been within 10 seconds so I think it’s definitely going in the right direction.”

Alonso confident he and Ocon will “never” collide

Ocon and Alonso have nine races left as team mates

Before the news of his future broke yesterday, Fernando Alonso’s complaints about Esteban Ocon’s defensive moves had been one of the biggest talking points from his run to eighth place in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

“It was quite extreme,” said Alonso of his team mate’s first lap defense. “Obviously I lifted off and nothing happened. But it was probably an opportunity missed there.”

Although he admitted he was “a little bit surprised by that defense”, Alonso admitted “sometimes I do the same, sometimes he does the same or at any other team, so it’s the way it is.”

The pair also raced each other hard at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix earlier this year. But Alonso is confident they won’t come to blows.

“We try to race hard always but always giving that one percent margin to not have any incident. We never had any and we never will have.”

Tire choices for next three races confirmed

Pirelli has announced its tire compound selections for the upcoming three races. It will bring its hardest rubber for the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort and its middle range of C2, C3 and C4 tires for the races at Spa-Francorchamps and Monza.

Here is the full allocation for 2022 so far:

1Bahrain International CircuitC1C2C3
2Jeddah Corniche CircuitC2C3C4
3Albert ParkC2C3C5
5Miami International AutodromeC2C3C4
6Circuit de CatalunyaC1C2C3
8Baku City CircuitC3C4C5
9Circuit Gilles VilleneuveC3C4C5
11Red Bull RingC3C4C5
12Paul RicardC2C3C4

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Daniel, Nefer, Gilles De Wilde and Manox!

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