Met Office shares what percentage on iPhone weather app really means after TikTok ‘warning’

The Met Office has clapped back at a TikTok going viral suggesting people have been reading their weather apps wrong for years. One TikTok says the percentage does NOT mean the chance of rain.

Instead, it means the area of ​​your local region set to be impacted by rain or thunderstorms. But the Met Office has now confirmed this is not true.

Weatherman Alex Deakin said in a TikTok: “Certainly for the Met Office app, the percentage of rain means the chance of rain at that time for that location.” He added: “So 60 percent means a 60 percent chance of rain, 40 percent chance of dry.

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“There are different ways of expressing percentages and in the USA they do use the area one, but generally not here in the UK. So if you’ve got the Met Office app, that’s one less thing to worry about; mind unblown.”

On the Met Office website, it states: “In weather forecasting, suppose the Met Office says that the probability of rain tomorrow in your region is 80 percent. They aren’t saying that it will rain in 80 per cent of the land area of your region, and not rain in the other 20 per cent. Nor are they saying it will rain for 80 per cent of the time.

“What they are saying is there is an 80 per cent chance of rain occurring at any one place in the region, such as in your garden.”

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