Michael Buble jokes he is terrified of his wife | Entertainment News

Michael Buble is “terrified” of his wife.

The 46-year-old singer is madly in love with his spouse Luisana Lopilato, 34, but joked that he is also “scared of her”.

He told The Observer magazine: “I love my wife so much, but I’m also scared of her. So terrified that I actually watched a Jennifer Lopez movie called ‘Marry Me’ with her last Sunday and I wanted to punch myself in my face so many times. “

And Michael revealed that his Fantasy Football addiction can cause problems with his wife, with who he has three kids, Noah, Vida and Elias.

He said: “[Sunday is] NFL Fantasy Football day. It’s me screaming at the TV, then fighting with my wife, who wants to turn it off because she’s right and I’m wrong. I get upset because the games start at 10am and church is at 11am. I know I need to go but can’t stop myself checking scores on my phone, hoping the pastor doesn’t see me. Then I try to think good thoughts, but I’m losing in church and feeling bad feelings towards the players I’m playing against. It’s a really weird day and very confusing for me. I’m only allowed to watch Fantasy Football until 4pm. “

However, Michael explained that despite their bickering, he and his wife always fall asleep the same way every night.

He said: “It’s always the same. My wife turns her butt towards me and says, ‘Mike, rub my bum.’ She says it gets rid of the cellulite. I’m like, ‘You don’t have any cellulite!’ So every night I sit watching TV, massaging her to sleep. “


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