Missing Virginia couple’s chilling post about wild weather before disappearing at sea as Coast Guard search intensies

THE missing Virginia couple who set sail for Portugal has written a chilling post about the wild weather before mysteriously disappearing at sea.

Coast Guard officials continue to search for the “overdue” boaters after Yanni Nikopoulos and Dale Jones failed to return to Virginia as planned.


A missing Virginia couple has posted a chilling video of severe weather weeks before going missing while sailing the open seaCredit: Facebook/Dale Evelyn Jones
Dale Jones and Yanni Nikopoulos, both 65, failed to return to shore after telling Jones' daughter they would dock on June 17


Dale Jones and Yanni Nikopoulos, both 65, failed to return to shore after telling Jones’ daughter they would dock on June 17Credit: Facebook/Dale Evelyn Jones

On his Facebook, Dale Jones, 65, posted a video of monstrous weather on the ocean just weeks before disappearing.

“And it came out of nowhere!” Jones wrote in the post.

The video features deafening rains that drown out the voices of Dale and Yanni, also 65, who told Jones’ daughter they would dock in Virginia on June 17.

“The wind was so strong it leaned the boat to port side,” Jones wrote.

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“I guess it’s a little taste of what to expect on occasion.”

The US Coast Guard released a new statement regarding their disappearance saying they are working with other officials to track them down.

“We have not received any signs of distress,” Lieutenant Christopher Pulliam said.

“However, we encourage the public to keep a sharp eye out for Yanni Nikopoulos and Dale Jones.”

Officials said Nikopoulos and Jones were manning the 36-foot sailboat Kyklades, headed to Azores, Portugal.

The boaters were last heard from on June 13 when they told Jone’s daughter that bad weather left their boat damaged.

The two were about 460 miles east of Virginia Beach when they called Jones’ daughter.

Nikopoulos and Jones, both 65 years old, are natives of Virginia Beach.

Members of the US Coast Guard have searched the area for the missing boaters.

Two flights have been conducted by Coast Guard aircraft in search of the pair.

In addition, the Fifth Coast Guard District Command Center issued a broadcast to boaters urging them to keep an eye out for signs of Nikopoulos and Jones.

On June 17, Jones’ daughter contacted the Coast Guard again saying she has not received further communication from her mother and was concerned.

Nikopoulos and Jones were anticipated to return around June 20, the daughter said, though a firm date had not been set for their arrival back to Virginia.

“In situations like this, where there are so many unknowns, our coordination efforts need to cast a wide and intentional net,” said Chief Brian Gainey, command duty officer with the Coast Guard.

“We’re tracking cell phone and radio pings as we work with our counterparts in Bermuda to accurately determine the most intelligent search area for our air crews.

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“It’s a lot of detective work, but it’s all in service to finding these two individuals and bringing them home to their families.”

Anyone with information related to the search for the missing boaters is urged to contact the Fifth District Command Center at 757-398-6390.

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