Monterosso secured the first spot in the final of the 57th. Jockey Club Open Thai Polo Cup

Monterosso claimed a 14-12 win over La Dolfina, and qualified for the final of the 5th. Jockey Club Open Thai Polo Cup, following the first semifinal that took place at the Jockey Club, in San Isidro. The Jockey Club Open Thai Polo Cup is one of the most significant tournaments of the Argentine season, as well as being the competition that precedes the much anticipated Argentine Triple Crown. The tournament is hosted by Harald Link’s organization, Thai Polo, with the support of Minuto 7 Polo and the Argentine Association of Polo.

The game started with two very hard fought first chukkas, that saw a 5-all in the second. However, La Dolfina bounced back and managed to close the gap to just one goal (10-11) in the final minute in the fifth chukka. But the great relief for Alessandro Bazzoni’s foursome, who earned the fourth spot in the semifinals as the top second ranked team in the standings and has three 10-goalers within the lineup – Polito Pieres, Pablo MacDonough and Juan Martín Nero – came through Polito Pieres. Polito, who delivered a remarkable performance, produced a crucial goal with just a few seconds remaining, in order to extend Monterosso’s advantage to 12-10. Despite La Dolfina remaining strong in the last chukka, luck was on Monterosso’s side. Although both teams produced two goals each, at the end of the day, it was Monterosso who sealed the deal to claim the 14-12 win and the first ticket to the final. It is indeed a great joy for Alessandro Bazzoni, who is playing this tournament for the first time ever.

The 57th Jockey Club Open Thai Polo Club sees nine teams, between 26 and 31 goals, compete. Teams are divided into three leagues.

The 57th Jockey Club Open Thai Polo Cup IS STREAMED LIVE ON POLOLINE TV HERE.



MONTEROSSO: Alessandro Bazzoni 0 (2 goals), Polito Pieres 10 (6), Pablo McDonough 10 (4), Juan Martín Nero 10 (2). Total: 30.

LA DOLFINA. Adolfo Cambiaso 10 (4 goals), Hugo Taylor 4 (1), Tomás Panelo 8 (5), Alejo Taranco 8 (2). Total: 30.

Score Monterosso. 4-3, 5-5, 9-6, 11-8, 12-10, 14-12.

Umpires: Guillermo Villanueva & Gonzalo López Vargas. Third man: Martín Goti.

The 57th. Jockey Club Open Thai Polo Cup will resume on: Thursday September 22, with the second semifinal between: Scone and Ellerstina Pilot due at 3.30pm.

The final of the 57th Jockey Club Open Thai Polo Cup is set to be played on Saturday, September 24.

57 Jockey Club Open Thai Polo Cup – Fixture & Teams

Cover photo by Matias Callejo.

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