Morrisons takes action to stop late-night illegal car racing events in the car park

MORRISONS has taken action to stop late-night illegal car racing events at its store in Bradford’s Thornton Road after a banned and uninsured BMW driver sped off from the police when he was seen pulling donuts there.

Speed ​​bumps have been laid in the car park and the gates locked overnight, a spokesperson for the supermarket giant told the Telegraph & Argus.

Danial Mohammed, 22, of Blackwood Grove, Halifax, was jailed for two years at Bradford Crown Court recently for two offenses of driving dangerously, one during a police pursuit from the car park in which he smashed through a wall into a Mercedes dealer-ship doing £50,000 in damages.

The judge, Recorder Judy Dawson, said he was caught in the hired BMW at some sort of unauthorized ‘car racing event’ shortly before midnight.

The court was told that the police heard a screeching of tires on the car park on August 7, 2020, and saw Mohammed pulling donuts.

It was stated by the prosecution that the Morrisons car park in Girlington ‘had a reputation for that sort of driving activity.’

A spokeswoman for Morrisons told the Telegraph & Argus: “This is a retail park with a number of outlets. To help guard against this antisocial behavior, Morrisons has arranged for the retail park gates to be locked overnight between 21.30pm and 05.30am.

“We have also recently laid speed bumps throughout the car park. In addition, we are working with the police to help prevent and deal with any antisocial behavior in the locality.”

During the court case, it was stated that the police officer activated his sirens and blue lights and ordered Mohammed to stop.

Instead, he sped off, driving straight through a red light and almost hitting another vehicle.

Moments later, the BMW crashed through a wall at the Mercedes-Benz garage causing £50,000 damage.

Mohammed escaped on foot after the crash and was caught on CCTV returning on foot to an apartment in Peckover Street, Little Germany.

He went on to drive dangerously on the M6 ​​during an amber weather warning for Storm Eunice, doing 125mph across the Thelwall Viaduct in high winds, hail and sleet on February 18.

He pleaded guilty to two offenses of dangerous driving, failing to stop and driving while disqualified and unlicensed.

Mohammed was jailed for a total of two years and banned from driving for three years until he passes an extended test.

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