Parrot Enjoys Car Ride Sitting On The Open Car Window

It’s a famous citron cockatoo who enjoys car-surfing on the roadways of Maui.

Videos featuring birds and animals are very popular on social media. They provide a different kind of healing to the mind. These videos show animals enjoying simple things or birds performing different stunts.

One such video shows a parrot enjoying a car ride by sitting on the open window. The video was originally shared in February, but is again gaining traction on social media these days.

It has been shared by an Instagram page named Cutest Bird on June 7. “Super hero,” reads the caption.

The video has been credited to KOKOMAUIHAWAII, which shared the video back in February this year.

The viral video shows a cute white parrot enjoying the fast breeze blowing through its feathers while perched on the edge of the car window. There is a thread that has been tied to the parrot’s leg to ensure its safety.

The video has been viewed over 1.8 million times and received about 1.7 lakh likes on Instagram.

Users felt delighted and posted beautiful remarks in the comment section.

“Awww having so much fun. Owners know how far to go this beautiful bird is enjoying the ride with a safety leash attachment,” wrote a user.

Others felt sad, wondering why the owner is not allowing the parrot to fly.

“He wants to fly but he can’t. That’s the moment he has that feeling like he is flying,” one Instagram user commented.

Another user expressed concern and said, “He could fall off.”

The channel that originally posted the video said that the parrot’s name is Koko, and it’s a famous citron cockatoo who enjoys car-surfing on the roadways of Maui.

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