Protection applications fall during England & Wales World Cup matches

The timing of the decline coincided with the first matches for both England and Wales at the World Cup 2022, held in Qatar.

England, who beat Iran 6-2, kicked off at 1pm, while Wales’ match with the USA began at 7pm and ended in a 1-1 draw.

The data shows the 14% decline compared to the previous week and also showed there was no uplift in sales the following day (November 22), as numbers returned to “normal levels,” according to the provider.

Paul Yates, product strategy director at iPipeline, commented: “As we head into more difficult economic times, both advisers and providers will need to consider efficiency more closely and how to maximize their time and money in all sections of their operations.

“Although it was just one day, it does highlight the importance of looking ahead and putting in place plans to mitigate loss of business from either one-off or more long-term challenges.

“If both teams progress into the later stages of the tournament it will be interesting to see if this trend continues.”

Peter Chadborn, director at Plan Money, added: I would imagine this is a good reflection of productivity across the industry. Many people will have been watching the game, or at least keeping an eye on the score.

“We all need a bit of good news at the moment, and I’d imagine many employers would take the brief productivity hit in exchange for morale boosting.”


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