PTI used ‘Official Secret Act’ to cover up gifts’ transactions: Sherry

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government used Official Secret Act to cover up the transactions (buying / selling) of state gifts kept in the Toshakhana.

It was stated by the parliamentary leader of the Pakistan People’s Party in the Senate Sherry Rehman. Sherry added that the PTI government flatly refused to share the details of the state gifts by terming the information as “classified” when the details of the state gifts received by the Prime Minister sought from the Pakistan Information Commission last year. “The PTI government first acted as they didn’t get the memo on state gifts, but later used the ” Official Secret Act ” to cover up transactions,” she said.

Sherry maintained the issue is not buying of state gifts, as the practice is not illegal, but the problem lies in selling state gifts in return of profit. The PTI government claimed that the leaked details would damage Pakistan’s relations with those states that gave the gifts, said PPP leader, adding, Imran Khan did not think about Pakistan’s interest in relations with the International community while he was waving the letter to save his government.

She added those who asked details of the gifts were dubbed as anti-state elements while the gifts were being bought and sold. “You could not hide the truth by hiding the details of Toshakhana gifts,” Sherry asserted.

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