PURA Is a Tiny Home That Embraces Simplicity, Brings Nature Into Focus

For many, the tiny house movement implies a minimalist lifestyle, freedom, and getting closer to nature. These three are all essential elements that this small home on wheels designed by Redukt has. Meet PURA, a mobile dwelling that embraces simplicity and connects with its surroundings.

PURA is a tiny minimalist created by Redukt, a Poland-based builder known for making sustainable mobile habitats that fit its customers’ needs. Their houses are ideal for individuals who seek the comfort of home but also enjoy the flexibility that a mobile habitat offers.

That’s what PURA was designed to provide as well. This new tiny measures 6.6 meters (21.6-ft) in length, and it’s 2.55-meters (8.36-ft) wide. It is almost four meters (13-ft) high and, according to the company, it has enough space to accommodate up to four people. The home was created to take owners closer to nature.

It features a glass door and a large window that not only lets natural light bathe the inside but seemingly blends the interior with the exterior. Speaking of the interior, PURA has a living room, which includes an L-shaped sofa that can be converted into a bed. Next is the kitchen, which has a sink, a fridge, and cupboards for storage. It also comes with a wood-burning stove placed in the corner of the room.

Next to the kitchen is a small bathroom. There, you’ll see a vanity, shower, and toilet. At the opposite end of the house is a workspace with a desk and bookshelves. This tiny has a loft, too – that’s where the master bedroom will be.

Currently, PURA lives in the form of renderings. But as soon as someone comes along and commissions it, Redukt will be ready to turn it into a reality. There’s no word on the pricing of this tiny home. However, Redukt specifies that the cost for most of its constructions can range between $ 45,000 and $ 56,000.


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