Renfrewshire Council launches Gaelic language consultation

RESIDENTS are being urged to have their say on how the Gaelic language will be supported and promoted in Renfrewshire over the next five years.

Renfrewshire Council has launched a consultation on the draft Gaelic Language Plan and is asking residents what would make the biggest difference for both Gaelic speakers and people interested in Gaelic.

People can give their views through the online survey.

Data from the most recent census in 2011 revealed there are more than 1,500 residents living in Renfrewshire who speak, read or write Gaelic.

There are also more people who can speak the language but can’t read or write it.

As part of delivering a cultural events program that showcases the history and heritage of the area, the council’s events team seeks to include Gaelic where possible, such as including Gaelic music as part of The Spree music festival and previously having held the Mòd in 2013.

Renfrewshire will hold the Mòd for a second time in 2023.

Iain Nicolson, leader of Renfrewshire Council, said: “Gaelic is an important part of Renfrewshire’s heritage. Paisley was once home to a community of Gaelic weavers and recently we welcomed the first of hopefully many more children who go to our new Gaelic class at West Primary.

“The feedback we get from residents will help us develop how we support and promote Gaelic in across the area. I would encourage everyone to have their say so we can continue to spread this wonderful language across Renfrewshire.”

A draft of the Gaelic Language Plan is available in both English and Gaelic on the council’s website.

The consultation is open until Sunday, September 25. To take part, visit

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