Renovated All American Gas and Car Wash set to reopen Thursday Local news

VERNON TOWNSHIP — After a much-longer-than-expected closure, the All American Gas and Car Wash is finally set to reopen with a wider selection of available fuel and additional car wash options.

“We’re ready to serve the community and we’re sorry for the delay in opening,” said Andy Restauri, vice president of Heath Oil, which owns the car wash. “It was just a multitude of things.”

Specifically, that multitude of things was a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) clearance process which lasted for more time than anticipated, and a delay in getting parts for the renovations.

In fact, that latter aspect is still plaguing the Conneaut Lake Road business.

“There are still a couple parts that aren’t even in yet, but we’re able to work around it,” Restauri said.

Supply line difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic were the major delayer in the reopening. While the DEP process was longer than expected, Restauri said he could not thank the department enough for its help in making sure the renovations were done properly and correctly in line with regulations.

When the business first closed on Sept. 27, 2021, Restauri told The Meadville Tribune that he anticipated reopening sometime between Nov. 5 and 15 of that year. Instead, the renovation process has dragged on for nine months longer than that.

However, for customers, it might just be worth it. The renovations have allowed the station to significantly increase the number of fuel types offered at the gas station. Whereas the station previously only sold unleaded and ethanol-free fuel, it now offers on-road diesel, off-road diesel, kerosene and premium gas, in addition to the two existing fuel types.

Further, the car wash portion has also been redone, and now offers a basic and premium package for people looking to get their cars cleaned. The basic involves a complete cleaning, handwash and full-blown dry as before, while the premium option adds in rust inhibitor and Armor All ceramic applications.

The station also has upgraded tanks, new gas dispensers and new fuel lines as some behind-the-scenes renovations.

“It’s all been redone,” Restauri said.

While many parts of All American Gas and Car Wash are new, one thing that hasn’t changed are the workers. Restauri said the old staff of the station was brought back on. Full service will still be offered for people refueling on gas.

While the business will be open starting Thursday, a grand reopening celebration is in the works, although no date has been set. Restauri said the celebration may involve giveaways and specials, but specifics are still up in the air.

All American Gas and Car Wash is located at 18136 Conneaut Lake Road, Vernon Township, just outside of Meadville.


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