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Hello everyone!
Just some details first:
Offshore PR grant: 15 Nov2015
First Entry: May 2016 (stayed for 3 weeks)
Second Entry: March 2018 (Stayed for 2 months)

As I was working in Dubai, I couldn’t make the move straight away.
Plan was to move in mid 2020, but didn’t happen due to covid.

Applied for offshore RRV in the end of 2020 as my travel facility was expiring. Got RRV granted for 1 yr.

Came to SYD in Jan 2022, a couple of months after border reopened. My migration lawyer said I must submit an RRV application before the expiry of the previous one.
Though I did not have any travel plan initially, I still applied for 5 yr RRV (despite not meeting the residency Requirement)
I am currently working full time in an MNC. My agent used my job and letters from my friends and family here in Australia to prove my ties to the country.
It has been 5 months and I still haven’t heard back from immigration department.

However, I have to travel abroad urgently for a few weeks due to Family emergency. My agents says it is okay for me to leave and come back once the RRV is granted.
Would my departure affect the outcome of my RRV application?
If I leave without the RRV grant and they take another few months (which is possible considering current pace of immigration department) It will definitely cost me my job but I must travel within the next couple of weeks

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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