South West Business Insider October 2022

Digital dynamite

Our October issue is full of reminders that the digital transformation underway in businesses across the region and the world is an extraordinary force for change.

Living with it day to day as we naturally do, it can be easy to overlook its power, but really there’s no escaping how dramatically the ground continues to shift beneath our feet. The integration of digital technology into all areas of business fundamentally changes how companies operate and deliver value to customers. It’s also a cultural change that requires organizations to continuously challenge the status quo, experiment and get comfortable with failure.

Our cover story this month is one example of the power of digital transformation. The founders of Furniturebox got under way using online platforms like eBay to reach customers and pivoted into selling furniture because they could see it was a relatively neglected market space. This is a classic example of how opportunities in e-commerce emerge all the time – and it is the most agile digital-first businesses that grab the opportunity and run with it.

The same transition is happening right now in legal services, as our feature exploring that evolving sector makes very clear. Read about the growing impact of artificial intelligence, automation and more.

This month’s issue also includes our annual and well-read corporate finance guide, which this time around reflects on how the booming deals market of recent times is losing a bit of momentum as we all grapple with inflationary and supply chain pressures.

Chris Ward, deputy editor

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