Surrey weather: Hour-by-hour forecast as thunder due in Guildford and Reigate

The weather is suffering something of an identity crisis in parts of Surrey today (April 13). The towns of Guildford and Reigate will both see blasts of thunder and rain mixed with plenty of cloud and occasional sun – and high temperatures to boot.

Despite the inclement conditions, Guildford and Reigate will reach top temperatures of 17C and 16C respectively according to the Met Office weather predictions. Thunder is due around lunchtime across both areas, with Reigate forecast the worst of it.

With the Easter holidays now here, the rest of the week is looking warm – with no more thunder forecast forecast – for families wanting to go outside and enjoy themselves. But of course there are still plenty of activities available across Surrey for any sudden rainy days during the holidays.

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Below is the Met Office hour-by-hour forecast for Guildford and Reigate for today. (Please note that the forecast is subject to change at short notice.)


  • 6am: cloudy – 10C
  • 7am: cloudy – 10C
  • 8am: cloudy – 11C
  • 9am: cloudy – 12C
  • 10am: cloudy – 14C
  • 11am: cloudy – 15C
  • 12pm: thunder, rain and sun – 16C
  • 1pm: cloud, rain and sun – 16C
  • 2pm: cloudy – 16C
  • 3pm: cloudy – 17C
  • 4pm: cloudy – 17C
  • 5pm: cloudy – 17C
  • 6pm: cloud, rain and sun – 16C
  • 7pm: cloud, rain and sun – 15C
  • 8pm: part cloudy – 14C
  • 9pm: clear – 13C
  • 10pm: clear – 12C
  • 11pm: clear – 11C


  • 6am: cloudy – 9C
  • 7am: cloudy – 9C
  • 8am: cloudy – 10C
  • 9am: cloud and sun – 12C
  • 10am: cloudy – 13C
  • 11am: cloudy – 14C
  • 12pm: thunder and rain – 15C
  • 1pm: cloudy – 16C
  • 2pm: thunder, rain and sun – 16C
  • 3pm: cloudy – 16C
  • 4pm: cloud and sun – 16C
  • 5pm: cloud, sun and rain – 16C
  • 6pm: cloud and sun – 16C
  • 7pm: cloud and sun – 15C
  • 8pm: part cloudy – 13C
  • 9pm: clear – 12C
  • 10pm: clear – 11C
  • 11pm: clear – 10C

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