Survivor 42 Contestants Ranked By Instagram Followers

Survivor 42 features a brand new group of castaways looking to become the next Sole Survivor. Coming into the game, most players are relatively unknown and have a very small social media presence and following, their followers consisting mostly of family members and close friends.

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Being on reality television gives contestants the opportunity to gain a bigger following and promote themselves and their brand while simultaneously watching back their own season of their favorite show. Some contestants are more successful than others or have actual businesses and products to promote on Instagram that grow in popularity following the airing of their Survivor season.

10 Zach Wurtenburger – 3.2k Followers

Even though Zach Wutenburger was the unfortunate first boot on Survivor 42he has maintained a strong and hilarious social media presence and gained a bit of a following because of it.

Zach and his fellow contestant Maryanne have taken it upon themselves to poke fun at what could’ve been another legendary showmance, by trading last names and flirting with one another on Twitter. Despite being voted out first, Zach’s Instagram is still very much dedicated to his love for the game, even if he didn’t make it past three days.

9 Chanelle Howell- 4.6k Followers

Chanelle Howell has been painted as a notorious villain in the making this season of Survivor. By betraying her tribe-mates and lying about losing her vote, Chanelle has had to avoid being on the chopping block more times than she’d like.

On her Instagram, she has a curated feed dedicated to fashion, food, and fitness. Her posts are very much that of a typical influencer, and she likes to share the different places she’s visited and plans on traveling to in the future.


8 Romeo Escobar – 4.7k Followers

Romeo Escobar isn’t super active on his Instagram account, but when he shares photos of his time on Survivor and his work trips.

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Romeo works as a pageant director and publicist, getting to live out his dreams of interviewing different celebrities and working with models all while traveling the world. Much of Romeo’s content consists of stories capturing his various travel adventures.

7 Jackson Fox – 6.6k Followers

Jackson Fox may have been the first person to exit Survivor 42but he still has one of the biggest fanbases on Instagram of this season’s contestants.

Part of what makes Jackson worth following is his candidness about life, specifically his experience as a transgender man. He also has nothing but positive things to say about his Survivor journey, even if it was cut much too short.

6 Maryanne Oketch – 6.7k Followers

Maryanne Oketch is just as smiley on her Instagram as she is on Survivor 42. The show has edited her to be bubbly, outspoken, and giddy and that’s exactly the vibe people get by clicking through her social media posts.

Online, Maryanne shares photos of herself smiling and laughing and loves to promote episodes of her favorite television show (Survivor). Maryanne also gives insight into her life as a college student who just happens to also be on TV.

5 Tori Meehan – 7.1k Followers

Tori Meehan has made it known during her time on Survivor that she is a therapist, using this quality to advance her social game.

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On her Instagram, Tori shares anecdotes about what her life is like as a therapist and lifestyle coach. She specializes in eating disorder therapy and is candid and open with her followers about recovery. Tori’s goal on her page is to make therapy both practical and the norm.

4 Hai Giang – 8k Followers

Hai has been iconic on this season of Survivor from the very first episode when he covered himself in fake blood in order to retrieve an advantage.

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While he has subtly been taking control of the game, Hai keeps a causal and fun presence on social media. He frequently shares pictures of himself enjoying time with his family, boyfriend, and pets. He is much more active on Twitter, sharing stories about his watching experience Survivor back as it airs.

3 Lydia Meredith – 8.9k Followers

Despite getting voted out and narrowly missing the merge and the jury, Lydia Meredith has become a fan favorite Survivor 42 contestant.

This is mostly in part to Lydia’s social media presence, where she consistently pokes fun at herself and her time on reality television. Lydia’s relatability has made her loved by fans of the show, who hope she will come back for a second chance season.

2 Jonathan Young – 15.6k Followers

Jonathan Young carried his entire tribe on his back during multiple hard and dangerous challenges on Survivor 42and his social media presence seems to be almost as strong as his physical game.

Jonathan uses Instagram to promote his own business, Young Strength, which supplies workout equipment and strength-building classes. He also shares pictures of himself in the outdoors and during his time on the show.

1 Drea Wheeler – 785k Followers

Drea Wheeler has most recent Instagram followers from the cast of Survivor 42steadily working her way up to a million as the show continues to air.

In addition to being a contestant on the most recent Survivor season, Drea appears to be a lifestyle / workout influencer. She typically shares posts of brands she loves and workout classes with her followers, as well as the different places she has traveled to.

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